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  • Documentary Films Have Played an Important Part in Determining the Way We Construct History and Memory. in What Ways Do Documentary Films Dealing with the Holocaust Determine Contemporary Understandings of That Historical Event?

    Documentary films and their representations of the Holocaust have served not only to speak their ‘truth' of the atrocities but also to document changing paradigms of social thought concerning Holocaust ‘truth'. Holocaust History and its documentation: Theodor Adorno's famous 1949 injunction that ‘to write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric' is indicative of the initial approaches of documentary to the subject matter. The first documentary footage of the Holocaust was shot as Allied troops

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  • History Behind The History Of Woman Photography

    had just came out for the reason it was new and didn 't have much care about it. Within taking a photo it has a connections in history and the ways on how it develop. As well as time has pasted by technology it has also updated from the cameras they use to take the photo.Not only the history about the background about photography but as well the history behind the history of woman photography. Also, on how to have and take a perfect photo to tell the story you want to tell or as Arbus, say the secret

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  • History Essay

    com/Live/online/us_hist_sem_2... Test 4.5.3 Test (TS): The Cold War Begins U.S. History Core Sem 2 (S2503614) Points possible: 60 Name: ____________________ Date: ____________ The Big Question: How did the Cold War inform American politics and expectations of behavior? Section 1: Short Answer (30 points) Write multi-sentence responses for the prompts below. Be specific and give examples from the history we have learned. A. The United States found itself competing with the Soviet

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  • The Knowledge Of The History

    History is the collection of significant facts about the past that gives “knowledge and understanding of past events, people, practices and ideas” (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), 2009). The knowledge of the history is used to explore the concepts of what happened in the previous events, while on the other hand, the historical understanding is formed through concepts that make sense of the past (ACARA, 2009). The concept of sources and the concept of empathy will

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  • South Africa 's History And History

    South Africa’s history can be traced back thousands of years unfortunately, not much is known about inhabitants before written history. Some of the earliest inhabitants, we have record of, were the Bushmen and Khoikhoi. These early inhabitants along with other peoples had established settlements all throughout the area now known as South Africa by 1600. It wasn’t until 1652, when South Africa was discovered by Dutch traders while sailing on a spice route between the Netherlands and the East, that

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  • History : The Foundation Of History

    History is all of a matter of opinion when it comes to being studied, taught, and analyzed. All over the world, history is taught through different perspectives, and in each different country of the world, it has its variations depending on the country’s standing when the moment in time the history was taking place. Though each country throughout the world sees history differently from one another, the United States has split views about the foundation of our history. Three historians, Turner, Hofstadter

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  • History Of Film : History Of Film

    History of Film Although, technically the history of film begins in Europe in the 1890’s with the first motion picture, every innovation in the art world from the beginning of time played a part in getting there. From cave drawings, to oil paintings, to photography, to stroboscopic toys; elements of film can be found in nearly every form of art. When the first motion picture was invented filmmakers were only able to make their films 50 seconds long, there was no camera movement, and no editing

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  • The Oral History Of Oral History Project

    When I first heard about the Oral History project I did not know what to expect. After reading the assignment in more detail, I was excited to start the project. I immediately knew I would pick my mother for the project. She is my best friend and I wanted to learn more about her growing up with such a big family. After going over the assignment, I called my mother and asked if she would participate in the project and she said yes. I was delighted to hear her say that because I instantly started formulating

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  • The History Of The Holocaust

    The history of The Holocaust raises challenging questions about our responsibilities as a nation to offer refuge and rescue to persecuted people from beyond our borders. America, land of the refuge, offered little assistance to victims under Hitler’s control. American Christians forgot about the Good Samaritan. Even American Jews lacked the sense of urgency the crisis demanded. The Nazis were murderers, but we were all too passive accomplices. Despite a history of providing a shelter to imprisoned

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  • History Of Guatemala, History And Socioeconomic Contexts

    In analysing the usefulness of these theories in explaining the case of Guatemala, history and socioeconomic contexts prior to and during the development process is worth observing. The United States’ political and economic interests on the Latin American region was officially expressed with the articulation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 (Gilderhus, 2008: 5). The doctrine mainly served as a declaration of political independence of the American Continent from European colonial powers, yet the US-Latin

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  • History And History Of Basketball

    The history of basketball began with its invention in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith as a less injury-prone sport than football.The game of basketball became very popular as the 20th century progressed, originating in America then around the world. After basketball originated in american colleges, the professional game followed. The NBA (National Basketball Association) established in 1949 and grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise in

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  • What Do You Know The History Of The Island State

    What do you know the history of the island state in the Caribbean, called St. Lucia? St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and has a width of a short 14 miles and the capital and major port is Castries, but who lived on the island and why were Europeans interested in it? What was life like for the people on St. Lucia before, during, and after the British empire had ruled and how indigenous systems have changed since the island won its independence from the British. The Arawak were the earliest know

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  • What is Public History Essay

    Public History is a relatively new field and even though it is not the newest field in history, it is still not fully established. One reason for this is that there is not an exact definition of Public History. It is still in its beginning stages and exists as more of a general idea rather than something easily defined. Most public historians find it easiest to define it by giving examples of jobs that fall into the Public History field. For example, Kelley states, “In its simplest meaning, Public

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  • What in your view was the short term significance of Michael Collins history coursework

    What in your view, was the short term significance of Michael Collins? Michael Collins played a major part in Ireland’s History, in the years 1916-23. He had a short but political life where he had increasingly been involved in events such as the Easter Rising, Anglo-Irish War, Treaty Negotiations and the Civil War. Although he was only active over a relatively short period of time, his significance in such events was profound. His public image changed throughout the years, from one of the UKs most

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  • African American Religious History And History

    As a category of American religious history, African-American religious life and the history behind it has often forgotten or briefly summarized in most historians’ work. Prior to the 1970’s, most history written on African-American religion was vague, often just trivial paragraphs in textbooks and considered irrelevant to our nation’s religious history. But as time progressed, history was revisited to show African-American’s having a more prominent voice in America’s religious culture. One historian

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  • Employment History : History And History

    Employment History I never knew my grandfather on my father’s side so I don’t know what he did for a living, but my grandmother was a stay at home mother. My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family worked at the Foundry in Radford from the time he was a teenager until he lost his eye while pouring hot metal when he was in his forties. After the accident he went to work for a little place across from the Foundry called Rent-All where he worked on all of the rental equipment. My grandmother

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  • History Essay

    Was Napoleon An Heir to the French Revolution? Of all the Events of European history, the French Revolution of 1789 is without doubt one of the most important and controversial. Similarly Napoleon Bonaparte has to be amongst the most written on and opinion dividing individuals world history has ever seen. Therefore the question as to weather Napoleon was an heir to the revolution, its saviour, hijacker, or simply consolidator is probably the most frequently asked question regarding the

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  • The Oral History Of Oral History

    After learning about the oral history project it appeared that it would be the same as every other project. A series of late nights slaving away on a laptop while stress levels are running high because of one big unknown, the grade you’re going to receive on the project. The oral history project, however, did a lot more than raise stress and waste time. Following the interview I walked away with accounts from my grandfather that I had never heard before and was honestly very surprised to hear. Additionally

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  • History : The History Of Technology

    History: The history of technology in medicine is very vast. However, in the 1800’s and 1900’s is when many revolutionary changes and discoveries were being made in medical technology. Along with many other, some devices such as the thermometer, stethoscope, and microscope were all invented during this time, which were all huge milestones in technological advancements in medicine. In 1895, the X-ray was developed, allowing doctors to see inside the body without having to do exploratory surgery.

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  • History And Its Impact On History

    History is studying the past and how it relates to the present and/or future (Class Notes). We use History in almost everything that we do. If we do not want to make the same mistakes as we did in the past we review our History. But there comes a time when we have to ask ourselves if the History we know is true or if it has been manipulated in some shape or form. It is important to know exactly who is teaching us our History. In the United States our textbooks are created and reviewed by the Texas

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  • What Is the History of Stem Call Research Legislation in the Us?

    What is the history of stem call research legislation in the US? How does it compare to the rest of the world? The argument for life is often one that results in two circumstances – either life will go on or life will not. Millions of families are afflicted with diseases and disorders that they would do anything in any lifetime for cures to spare their loved ones. Stem cells through argument of science can cure diseases or help heal individuals who suffer from debilitating conditions

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    Industrial Revolution began and how it spread. (5 points) The industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the 1700s and spread to other parts of Europe and to the United States through trade and urbanization and spread of businesses. 4b. What are the factors preventing industrialization in Africa? (5 points) Political problems, ethnic tension, too much diversity, not proper infrastructure, unable to attract foreign investment etc. 5a. Define the concept of multiple causation (5 points)

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  • To What Extent Is There Conflict Between Academic and Popular History?

    their contextual audiences. The substantial dissolution between academic and popular historians is evident in a range of sources, essentially from Michelle Arrows to Herodotus and Thucydides to Bury. Inaccuracies continue to plague populist histories, and as such those within the academic field continue to rebut their rivals with these flaws. They argue that these, as Margaret Conrad states, “producers” of “historical films” intentionally integrate inaccuracies in order to entertain their audience

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  • The United States History And Ap European History

    of Arizona had such a problem with the Latin Studies Program. In high school, I took both AP US History and AP European History. In both of these courses, we learned about radical thinkers and doers and people who decided to revolt against the status quo. Both of these courses are fine for students to learn, it’s fine for us to learn about Napoleon and the American Revolution, so what makes the history of Latin American different? Is it because we live in such an Eurocentric America, that it’s okay

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  • What Drives These Motivations Have A Long History Within Psychology

    Within society, people are often faced with situations where they must make a decision between their immediate self-interest and what is more beneficial for their relationship, community and/or nation. (refer) The studies on what drives these motivations have a long history within psychology. (refer) Rational self-interest is the principle that most people will pursue the most beneficial outcome for themselves whether for short term, long term or both. (lange book) Economist and theorist in public

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  • The History Of Money : History Of Money

    The history of money Money, has been part of human history for at least 3,000 years. Before that time, it is reason that a system of exchanging was pretty much used. Exchanging is a trade of goods and services, which involving easily traded animal skin, weapons, seashell, fishhook, cattle, Tabaco, and so many other things over the centuries . This system of exchange and trade open out across the world, and still survives today on some part of the world, for example in Alaska. The history of money

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  • History and Methods of What Is Teaching Essays

    many resources one can come across to be informed on the history of education and many different methods that will help teachers with their planning and their strategies during their teaching time. School and Society: Historical Contemporary Perspectives gives us information from different scholars who focused on methods, and wanted to change things within the school systems. Experience & Education also brings information about parts and history, and events about school and the program. Teachers as

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  • History And History : Anthropology And Colonialism

    not exclusively rely on one another; instead, some debate that anthropological disciplines originate and struggle with observation and control that have emerged from the colonial dialect of the Western govern mentality (pg164-PELS). In other words, what Anthropological views that are related back to in one way or another refer back to the ideas and formations of the Western government and how it was formed. Though, as stated in an article written by Mhairi A. Gibson and David W. Lawson titled, Appling

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  • History

    resentment of the British and of King increased due to the collection of , Parliament’s decision to award the territory west of the Appalachian Mountains to , and the killing of five colonists in what was called the Boston . In 1774, Parliament passed laws that American colonists called the Acts, which restricted liberties that colonists had enjoyed and allowing troops to be housed in private homes. b

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  • History And History Of A Robot

    History of a Robot In our lives robots affect us in many ways; we use robots for so many things now a days. We use robots to open our cans, cook our food, and even too get too places faster. The car is an example of a robot we use in the present. The history of a robot can be traced back towards early eras even earlier than most would think. The very first robots trace their lineage back to 350 B.C. when Archytas first constructed his robot. He was the first person to build a robot his being a

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  • What I Have Learned During World History

    I have spent the last two years studying world history with an emphasis on western civilization, and I will attempt to give a conspectus of what I have learned during that time. I have learned about a myriad of topics ranging from early Sumerian agricultural techniques to the U.S. intervention in Kosovo, therefore I will focus my efforts on an abbreviated overview of my studies. I will primarily focus on the governments of the major civilizations Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt is one of the first

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  • Mississippi River : History And History

    Mississippi history played a big part in how America is today. Mississippi gets its’ name from the Native American word meaning “great river”. This comes from the Choctaws Indians which were the largest Native American tribe in Mississippi before they lost their lands due to unfair treaties. The Mississippi River has played a large role in Mississippi history. The Mississippi River helped create the fertile Delta region of Mississippi. Mississippi is known for its history of racism. Many non-whites

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  • Reflective Writing Piece Shared Histories And Cultural Identity What Is Meant By A Shared Sense Of History

    ABORIGINAL PEOPLE - AB100 Assessment 1: Reflective Writing Piece Shared Histories and Cultural Identity What is meant by a ‘shared sense of history’? Provide a brief summary. ‘Shared sense of history’ Shared history recognises that Australia’s history began long before 1788 and that, since then, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians have occupied the same country and share a destiny based on recognising and respecting the rights of all Australians beginning with Aboriginal people as the original

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  • What I Learned About The Rich History

    ancestors came from and what their lives were like. I have even wondered what my life could have looked like today if I lived there. Before my efforts to learn about the country, all I knew of Germany was that the people spoke a unique sounding language, that they engineer and produce awesome cars and that they also have really good food. My research has confirmed all of this and much more. So I will take you on a tour of some of the interesting facts I learned of the rich history, the interesting people

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  • The Gospels : History And History

    Gospels are an intertwining of history because they trace the life of Jesus, his miracles, ventures and ultimately his death and resurrection as well occurrences in Israel across numerous historical accounts (Strauss, 2011, p. 1035). “The Gospels begins with accounts of “the life of the historical Jesus” (Strauss, 2011, p. 1035). It is important to remember “the Gospels are historical in that they are set in a specific historical context” (Strauss, 2011, p. 1022). History displays that “it is beyond

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  • History Of History On Lean Business

    Before getting into the detail on the Lean principle here are insights about the history on lean in Toyota. Henry Ford was the first person to integrate the production process. He creates a flow production with standard work and moving conveyance at MI. Ford had a fabrication steps which he was utilizing on special purpose machines to fabricated and assemble those parts that goes in the vehicle. After the process they completed the finished product after going through subassembly and final assembly

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  • United States History And History

    Actually, I am still in the most challenging academic course I have taken to date, AP United States History (APUSH). APUSH has been difficult for me due to the fact that I had very little knowledge of US history preceding my enrollment in the class. Furthermore, prior to this class I had never really had to study extensively to maintain high marks. APUSH has been different. Having little knowledge of this material, I have had to spend much more time studying. Along with the required course work and

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  • History And History Of Stained Glass

    History of Stained Glass Unlike the function of the ordinary windows that we know today, which is "to allow a view of the outside and admit light into a building; the purpose of medieval stained-glass windows is not to allow people to see outside, but to beautify buildings, control light, and often times to tell a story” (Herren, n.d.). History offers two accounts of the origin of glass; one from a legend about the accidental discovery of glass by the Phoenician sailors and the second

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  • Family History : Family Health History

    Family Health History There are more than a couple health problems that run in my family, the first of the health problems is high blood pressure. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family had high blood pressure from an early age that was controlled by medication. My father was also diagnosed when I was a child with high blood pressure that had to be controlled with medication. My mother’s parents did not have a history of high blood pressure that I know of, but my mother does. My sister

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  • The Great War Was A Time That Made History What It Is Today

    The Great War was a time that made history what it is today. There were so many different events that happened during this time that we will never forget. Included in these different events there were many different consequences, a lot of negative ones at that. These negative effects have really taken a toll on many of the countries that participated in this war. More than 9 million soldiers died fighting for what they believed was right. Germany and Russia , big contributors to this war, lost more

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  • Ancient Civilizations : History And History

    Egypt, as one of the four ancient civilizations, has always been of great interest because of its mysterious history. Due to the limited quantity of archaeological evidence, conflicting theories have been raised to arguing the formation of Egypt. After reading several theories, I got some general idea how archaeologists determine Egypt formation through antique analyzing and building models. I also formed a personal view of how Egypt was united and will discuss the formation of Egypt in three main

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  • To What Extent Did the American Revolution Change Society Dbq Us History

    a woman is shown holding a musket. One woman, by the name of Deborah Sampson, impersonated a man and fought in the war for many battles, before being discovered and eventually honorably discharged. Most women, however, did not fight. Many were what were called “camp followers”. These women took up an active role in military camps by cooking, mending, laundry, childcare, and nursing the sick The revolution had many impacts on the United States economically as well, though these impacts were

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  • Archaeology : History And History

    offer us an overview of our own history, as well as including the discovery of vital historical information. Through the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly elementary to discover new information about our past, the cultures that lives before us, which makes archaeology an ever-changing and fast-moving industry to become a member of. Archaeology is very much the physical process of historical enquiry, as opposed to history and ancient history, which are often concerned with literary

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  • History of Football

    HISTORY OF FOOTBALL The history of football is interesting as well as exciting, from the first forms of the game ever played, to the multi million dollar organizations of today. The game continues to evolve and change with the times. Football is a sport that evolved from many different games. Football is mainly known as a different form of rugby or soccer, but there is more to the origin of the game than just those two sports. Football games were played around the world before the game was

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  • History : The History Of Currency

    Eric Vaughn Mrs. Pearson Humanities 1101 December 9, 2014 The History of Currency As long as people have been living on the Earth, they have wanted things they themselves could not produce. In the most ancient times, the only way you could get these things from people was to barter, but this method is very limited. If you want a product someone else has, you must have something they want, and if you don’t, no trade happens. Barter could be cumbersome, because “if I make cheese and you make shoes

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  • History And History Of Ancient Rome

    Taking a deep breath, he thought back to earlier that morning. XXXX “UP NEXT ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL IS A SPECIAL ON THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT ROME, THEIR CULTURE, THEIR TOGAS…” Percival rolled over in bed, blinked his bleary eyes, and glanced at the clock. It was six in the morning and Gwaine was already out in the living room watching the History Channel? Percival had been studying until two this morning. What did his husband not understand about that? “AFTER OUR ANCIENT ROME SPECIAL, WE’LL BE

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  • Movements Through History And History

    Movements in History There have been several movements through history, however most movements happened after the Luther’s Reformation. Paul, in 1 Corinthians, recorded the first appearance of the Lord’s Supper. By the first century we see that the observance had begun with an emphasis as a memorial, thus Paul’s reference in 1 Corinthians 11:24, “. . . do this in remembrance of me.” It is not completely clear if this was Jesus intention, but the Early Church interpreted it that way. During the first

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  • History And History Of Judaism

    The history of those who practice Judaism is one that pre-dates Christianity. The history of Judaism is traced as far back as Abraham. The Hebrew Bible tells us that, Yahweh and Abraham had made covenant. In the covenant Yahweh promises Abraham land known as Canaan, the promise land, and an abundance of descendants. The descendants later become to be known as the children of Israel after Jacob, Abraham’s grandson that Yahweh renames as Israel. The people of Israel reside in Canaan until famine strikes

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  • Oral History And Oral Histories

    INTRODUCTION TO ORAL HISTORIES Reflecting on this course up to this point, it is important to place significant attention on what an “oral history” has shaped up to be for me. In other words, I had one limited conception of what constituted prior to this semester when I signed up for this course that has changed and broadened through our curriculum. I took this course because the description seemed to link up well my own interest as a student in Gallatin by examining storytelling through artistic

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  • What Ways Does History Help Us Understand Everyday Cultures?

    In what ways does history help us understand everyday cultures? History is an invaluable resource in providing context, by highlighting enduring ideologies such as gender, politics and power relations, and tracing its effects on everyday cultural experiences. In this essay, concepts of everydayness, politics and power and gender ideologies are discussed as methods through which history provides assistance in understanding everyday cultures. Raymond Williams (1965) refers to cultures as a “whole way

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