First Day of Class Essay

  • My First Day Of College

    First Day in College Without a doubt, every change is a challenge, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with changes, but after a time they become part of life. Famous Winston Churchill once said: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I relate to this quote because there were a time in my life that I wanted to quite college, because I was failing in my grades, but with the help from my family and friends I found a way to make best of my situation

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  • My First Day Of School

    accomplished many things. I came to America when I was 9 so I didn 't speak any English, besides a few basic terms. The first day of school was very confusing for me, it was different then what I was used to. My teacher introduced me and everyone said something that was probably either "Hi Helga" or "Hello Helga" because I remember hearing my name. One of the subjects that we had was a cooking class, our teacher gave us a recipe and we had to make it. We had to make omelets .Everyone started doing it but I

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  • My First Day At School

    in my life that was very weird for me. My first years, I was sick all the time because of the food was very new for me and most of the fruit were not fresh. The dorm people were very nice with me but the school people little bit. I was crying a lot because that was the first time, I left home by myself. My first day at school, I was working with a dictionary at school because I know nothing about English and if I want to say something I need to search first before open my mouth. People were making

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  • My First Day Of English 1101 Class

    On my first day of English 1101 class, I was expecting to have totally miserable time and told myself that it will be painful to go through an English class for a semester. However, all these expectations shattered after my very first day. My teacher, Gale Thompson, is a really positive and energetic person. Throughout the semester, I realized how much she cares about our learning experiences and helping us to become better writers. She was really caring and willing to help no matter what kind of

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  • The Day Of Anatomy Class Jam

    left without my direct mental input. Automatically my heartbeat becomes faster, as I throw my hands together to pass the volleyball. A seemingly simple task much more complex than ever imagined. On the first day of anatomy class Jam, my teacher and coach, asked me to stand up in front of the class and describe what happens in my body before I pass a volleyball. In about thirty seconds I managed to unambiguously link my brain and my body in a futile attempt to explain this phenomenon. As I sat down

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  • The First Day Of School

    Wake up; it’s the first day of school. I woke up to my aunt and mom standing at the end of my bed. I thought to myself, wow already in fifth grade, it has come so fast then I opened my eyes when I realized my aunt was talking to me. Why would my aunt be here just for the first day of school? She would never be at my house this early in the morning, especially just to wake me to say happy first day if school. There was something else, but they weren’t telling me what. Then, my mom said Allison your

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  • My First Day Of The Semester

    semester many students worry about their grades, and if they will pass their classes. Some students go all semester, blowing off assignments, not paying attention during class and sometimes students do not even go to class at all. This is not the case with me though; I have been a model student during English class since the first day of the semester. Professor Coyle, I should have my grade raised from the current C plus to a B. There are many reasons why I feel I should have my grade raised to a B

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  • The First Day Of Senior Year

    On the first day of senior year there was only one course I was worried about succeeding in: Duel Enrollment. This course includes English 111 and English 112, which I would be receiving college credit for if I managed to get a “C” or better. Throughout my earlier years of high school, I was never taught how to properly write a paper. My English classes mainly focused on vocabulary and sentence structure, which is essential to writing a decent paper, but I had no idea how to even begin one. Although

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  • The First Day Of Class

    On the first day of class, I felt pretty confident about my level of skills as a writer, but little did I know there were a lot of aspects in my writing that could be improved. As time progressed and we learned more about colloquial language and little things I could change in my essays to further advance and improve my writing. Now, I feel even more confident about my writing and know that all of these little changes I can make in my writing create a better flow of ideas and a higher level of formality

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  • The First Day Of Class

    The Progress On the first day of class, the nerves were undoubtedly there. I was finally taking an AP class, which I was placed in by my counselor, not having to write a paper to join because of me getting sick. My thoughts were swarming with thoughts of not being ready or that I was not good enough to be with the other students who had to participate in the admissions and were actually accepted. My nerves have calmed down since I have been in this class, me thinking I was not good enough became

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  • First Day Of The First World War

    28 July 1914 marked the first day of The First World War, which was in no way inevitable. It was the first major war of the industrial age, and the first ever war to be fought on a worldwide scale. A war that killed over thirty-seven million people1 and involving over 100 countries1 could have been avoided in various ways. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sir Edward Grey, had the power to stop The First World War but made significant diplomatic mistakes that resulted in the British declaration

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  • Exercise Plan For A Day Of Class

    supplies, gas to get to and from class, and my MacBook for one semester it totals to about $5,050. If I divide that total by the total number of hours I will be in class, which is 92, I get $55. It will cost me $55 per class day to attend college next semester. $55 may not seem like a lot of money here and there, but everyday for 16 weeks it begins to add up. A total of $5,050, is a lot of money and I make sure to get use out of every penny. I never miss a day of class unless I have a medical emergency

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  • The First Day Of Preschool

    absolutely adore it! Well, that statement is partially true, in my opinion, it is definitely not the greatest subject; but, I do enjoy the class. However, my interest for reading, writing, and English class did not spark immediately, it took strenuous trial and error. To have a better understanding, let’s start from the beginning, which is also known as the first day of preschool. Four years old and ready to take on the world, I was only a budding kid, but I had large dreams; I wanted to be the best

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  • The First Day Of My English Class

    The first day of my English Composition One class has resulted in the formation of four different groups of young minds who have all come together to further their knowledge and better their writing skills. My group, affectionately titled Group Two, consists of two high school students and two eager minds who just graduated from high school themselves. Of the four of us, there is only one boy. I am quite happy with the members of my group, and believe that we will all be able to help one another

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  • My First Day Of School

    When I first started high school, I truly thought that it would be a fresh start. My previous life in school surely wasn’t the easiest thing in the entire world. Junior High had just been one level of Hell after another. The people I was surrounded by weren’t the nicest. I quickly learned that they would take the side of whoever was stronger, so not me. This created many problems in my life, but the biggest one was named Ashley. Anyways, back to my freshman year of high school. I walk in the building

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  • My First Day Of Kindergarten

    relationship with an absent father. My 8 siblings all with different personalities and different approaches to coping with a tumultuous upbringing. I can’t begin to explain the makings of myself without first explaining the beginning influences on my life. Middle Adulthood I can remember vividly my first day of kindergarten; I was late starting school due to my birthday being later in the school year. I was afraid to speak to anyone because I was coming from a place where I saw the same people an everyday

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  • My First Day Of Class

    1. On the first day of class, the Prof Khan gave us write a diagnostic essay to see where we stood from a writing point. Next, we gave all gave a small introduction of ourselves. Furthermore, we had a small debate about Donald Trump. In the debate we questioned Trump’s motives while running for president. After the discussing about Trump, Prof Khan gave us a sheet on “Thinking and Writing”. On that sheet it had this written on it “How to say something worth saying about something worth saying

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  • My First Day Of School

    born in America but I had never been there before. Then the day came out of nowhere we move to Tucson AZ. My mom, sister and I we had moved to Tucson Arizona a week before school started. I was an elementary student, I was super excited my first day of school. As I walked into class I saw students from different part of the world something I had never experienced before. I was a kid with hunger to make friends. At the end of the first week I noticed that not speaking English was seen as a defect

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  • First Day Of Class Leadership

    INTRODUCTION First day of class our leadership class, our assignments were given out, and one of the assignments was to seek out two leaders and interview them. The interview should be focused on their background and the history of their organization, their leadership journey, the number of years they were active in their role or present leadership position, the number of people that they supported within their company or organization etc. In addition, what were the toughest challenges of

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  • Analysis Of Kimber Hoven 's First Class Of The Day, Math Class

    Kimber Hoven is sitting in his first class of the day, math. His class period is only an hour and twenty minutes long. The teacher starts talking and explains the assignment, taking up to 25 minutes. This leaves only an hour to complete the task, which he does not fully understand. The instructions seem unclear to him, but in order to receive help from the teacher, Kimber must first wait for ten of the other 35 students in the room to ask their questions, during which he is not doing any work for

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  • My First Day Of College

    life. English in high school wasn’t much of a concern to me. Teachers didn’t persist on teaching students good writing habits or the depth of what writing can go into, like they do in college. Going to my first day of college, I didn’t know what to expect and was open to new things. My first day at English 1301 I was able to see what the goal of writing was and the plans that the teachers were setting, to prepare us later down the road. I wandered how much reading and writing I would have to do in

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  • My First Day Of The Digital Art Class

    my digital art class, my teacher used both Freire 's concepts of education to teach us. This lead us to challenge ourselves to think critically and come with an original piece of art. By building a foundation with “banking” information, teachers can then implement the “problem-posing” style in order to allow students to innovate and create original ideas. In 10th grade, my digital art class had both "problem posing" and "banking" education. In my first day of the digital art class, I was anxious

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  • My First Days Of Class

    this class was going to be really hard for me. The first days of class I was okay,but when I find out that I had to do an introductory speech I panicked. I am a very shy person and I don 't talk a lot, I know that this can be bad, but it is difficult for me to change. FYE made the right choice for me, with a group everything seems better. Throughout the semester there has been challenges for me in this class but I never gave up. Since I found out that I had to take a communication class, I knew

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  • My First Day Of Meeting

    Growing up, I seemed to make a lot of friends easily but not many of the friendships would last because I moved or we had different classes the next year. My first best friend was Anna; we met in first grade and were attached at the hip after the first day of meeting. Our friendship lasted for two years before I moved away and was forced to go to another school. In third grade, I made a new friend Kayla, and we were crazy and a handful. Kayla and I created our own jokes and code words for everything

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  • The First Day Of School

    The first day of school is something that is dreaded by most, it is the end of the wonderful time we call summer, it starts months and months of stress and pain, and it means getting up at six every weekday, with about four to six hours of sleep. Once you finally realize that you cannot escape the impending doom that is upon you, it is time to get up and get ready for it. Now school is not that bad, but the first day is one of my least favorite days of the year, I dislike the introductions, the

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  • My First Day Of School

    Last year was my first year associating with the sport field, I had move from California to Oklahoma. This was an enormous diversification, the countryside was peculiar to what North Hollywood California was. All in all it was more greener, smaller and I perceived that Durant Oklahoma was monumental on the cattle occupation. My first day of school was intimidating because I didn’t know anyone. I went to the office with my parents and I met Mr. Lowry, he helped me choose my classes, by explaining

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  • My First Day Of Class

    “To be a human is an amazing feat of both the universe, and to most, God” The opening line that I used on the first day of class for what would become part one of the analytical paper. Having learned abundant amounts of new information over the last three and a half months, my original idea on what it means to be human still feels correct. The three majors themes throughout the semester have been how ideas can change over time, the role of technological advancements in change, and how humans have

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  • My First Day Of College

    On my first day of college, I was incredibly nervous about multiple obstacles I was about to face. One of my biggest worries was how I would manage to pass a college English class. However, when I walked into the classroom and saw my old high school classmates Jace and Lauren, I became a bit more comfortable. I was also relieved to discover that the class was very small, unlike my prior belief the teacher was not scary at all. In my early high school years, English class was quite easy for me

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  • My First Day Of School

    It’s the first day of school, the students get to their first period class and the first thing they get is a class syllabus. The teacher goes over the usual stuff; who they are, what they’re going to teach, what they expect from their students, and then the grading outline; homework’s worth 10%, classwork’s worth 30%, and the tests? The tests are worth 60%, more than half of the overall grade. It isn’t going to matter if someone gets 100% on the homework’s and finishes all of the classwork, if they

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  • My First Day Of School

    offered so I accepted her offer. The first day of school I had Mr. Dollar because he was the one that was in charge of that class. Throughout the class he talked to us about soft skills and how we would need many of them to get through this class. He than took one by one and asked us what grade levels we would like to be help with, like I said before did not know so I told him to put me in whichever grade level they needed help with. The next day I came back to his class because I was yet unaware of what

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  • My First Day Of Class For The Fall Or Spring Semester

    On the first day of class for the fall or spring semester, is kind of a stressful day for most students because students are trying to get to their classes on time, while other students are going to a class that they are waitlisted for, hoping that they can get in to the class. The students who were in the class do not have to worry about what number they are on the waitlist or whether they are able to be added to the class. I feel bad for the students who are on the waitlist because it is a class

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  • My First Day Of School

    So far, from this class. I’ve learned a lot. I know that’s a very broad statement but honestly, we talked a lot in this class. When I enter the door for my first day of school the first thing we talked about was Syria. I didn’t know what Syria was or that it was a country. I didn’t really pay attention to international things because I was thought, “the UN got this” The only country I paid attention to internationally was Ecuador really. But I really didn’t get an inserted into the international

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  • The First Bell Of The Day Rings

    The first bell of the day rings. I walk to my locker and think to myself “I hope it is going to be a good day” Why am I here this early? I grab my books for my first class of the day, and start towards the classroom. While walking down the hallway I see a bunch of students talking and walking with their friends. I am so glad I have my friends to talk to while making our way to our classes. When I get into the classroom and immediately walk to the table where I sit, I set my books down and I find

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  • My First Day Of School

    First day of school Sweaty palms, shortness of breath, stomach locking it was the first day of school. I was already late for school because my little sister slept under the fan and caught a cold that night so mom had to quickly find a baby sitter. Thinking to myself “can my day get any better.” I already had a lot to think about I was the new kid. That’s where the pressure was at I wondered if kids was going to like me, if I had anyone to sit at lunch with or if anyone thought anything wrong

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  • My First Day At The College

    It was a warm Autumn morning and the sun was just arising at the horizon. I was already awake and ready for my first day at the college. Later i found myself standing crusted like a statue behind the white door which reminded me an endless emotional tension that i usually experience all the time while facing a simple for some people but for me a very difficult situations to deal with. For a long period time deep anxiety and nervousness had been my only responses to the situations when i had to

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  • My First Day Of School

    Have you ever wondered what is like for a no English speaking person to come to the United States for the first time? Let me walk you through my experience as a Hispanic moving into the United States. Is an experience I will never forget; I was in middle school in Puerto Rico when my mother told the family the news of us moving to Connecticut do to her finding a better career opportunity. It seemed like the idea of starting a new school in a new state was not enough considering it was not a Spanish

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  • My First Day Of School

    year is make the time go by slower. Something I have learned throughout my educational journey is each grade I moved up to it seemed the school year got shorter. Senior year was like a blink of an eye. First day of school then next thing you know it was already the day before winter break and my class was singing Christmas songs to our school mom, which the only gift she wanted. After that it was crunch time to plan all the major events. Then spring break happened and that was the major sink in for

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  • My First Day Of Class

    This was not the first time me and Jose had talked before, or met in general. We first talked the second day of class, we found that we had a mutual liking too many things. As I began the interview he would not tell me too much about himself, he would keep it short and sweet, so I had to figure out something 's about him. I learned that Jose liked to be called rocky so I started calling him Rocky, so I sometimes call him rocky instead of Jose. I began to ask my first question, I noticed we

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  • My First Day Of Class

    think back to the first day of class, I remember being confused, and extremely uncomfortable. It is evident through my blogs that I was uneasy about how the class began. Prior to this class, sitting in silence used to be one of the most awkward experiences for me. At the beginning of the semester, I would look down at my feet and avoid direct eye contact. I did not realize how much I had adjusted and become accustomed to sitting in silence until I reread my blog posts. For the first few blogs, I mostly

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  • My First Day Of College

    On my first day of college I was incredibly nervous about multiple obstacles I was about to face. One of my biggest worries was how I would manage to pass a college English class. However, when I walked in the classroom and saw my old high school classmates Jace and Lauren, I became a bit more comfortable. I was also relieved to discover that the class was very small and the teacher was not scary at all, unlike my prior belief. In high school, English class was quite easy for me, except for my senior

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  • My First Day Of School

    same school system my entire life, and was nervous to start a new. Growing up I had a negative connotation associated with change; moving taught me that it is important to make the best of your situation, and not all change is bad. It was a rainy first day of school, I had an uneasy feeling the night prior, , without much sleep. My body felt sluggish, and I looked like a train wreck. It was early, so I sat on the couch waiting patiently. Everything was silent; the only sound was the ticking of the

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  • My First Day Of Class

    The first day of class my only thought was "How on earth am I going to write this paper?" And I struggled with it. I spent hours upon hours mulling ideas and options over, both in my mind and on paper. I found that the harder I thought about it, the more difficult it became to write. So I stopped thinking. I let my mind wander, and wrote as the ideas popped into my mind. Admittedly, the ideas didn 't start coming until about three weeks before the due date, but when they started coming they didn

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  • My First Day Of College

    The night before my first day of college was one of nervousness and fear. I remember laying across my bed asking myself “Is this really what I want”, “Will I be happy?”, or “What if I fail and can’t recover?” All of these thoughts ran through my head at once and it was overwhelming. The fact that I was becoming an adult and would have to make “Adult” decisions scared me to my core and in my mind I wasn’t sure if I was ready take on that type of responsibility yet. Honestly, all of that didn’t

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  • My First Day At Preschool

    passed down. While educated is an adjective, because it is describing the state of a person’s mental capacity. Educated defines as a person’s ability to use the knowledge they have received. I could talk about my first day at preschool, but I learned so much before that day. I learned about extended family before going to school. I learned that blood doesn’t make you family, but a bond does. Growing up I not only had a cheerleading team, but a college. I mean filled with; dance teams, football

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  • My First Day Of Observation

    Before I began this observation assignment for my SPED class I was nervous and a bit skeptical about how everything was going to be, because I have never observed an inclusion class. After my first day of observation I felt more confident about my career choice. In this reflection paper I will talk about the assignment and all the things I found interesting, important, and challenging. I will also talk about how I overcame the challenges, my misconceptions prior to observing, and how this field experience

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  • When I Walked Into Mrs. Buckhold 's Class The First Day Of The Semester

    When I walked into Mrs. Buckhold’s class the first day of the semester, I had the preconceived idea that I wouldn’t have to put much effort into the class, or that I didn’t have a significant amount to improve upon in my writing. On the contrary, the entire first semester of English Composition was a literary journey—a journey that helped me establish my voice as a writer and build upon the solid—but far from perfect—foundation I already had as an effective, persuasive writer. While my writing certainly

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  • My First Day Of School

    old school that’s been there for 106 years was going to be re-modeled, and it was also my senior year. I was half way through my first day of school as a senior; so far I felt good about my classes but yet there was one class I still needed to attend after lunch. I was existent about going to it. So as I heard the loud ringing of the bell signaling time to go to class, I had mixed emotions, feeling delighted but nervous. I took my time walking in slow pace while all the other students walked at a

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  • My First Day Of College

    I never wanted to move on from high school to college, but knew at some point I had to. My first day of college was one of the most nerve wrecking days of my life, because it was a new chapter in my life. I was ready for it and was hoping it would be one of the best experiences in my life. I did not know what to expect from college. My friends and family always told me how different it was going to be than college and did not know if I was prepared. As I was driving to school it was different because

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  • My First Day Of School

    that would take me to my first day of school. St. Anne’s Catholic School was located in a small town in Southern Illinois where I would spend nine years of my life attending. Little did I know than that those nine years spent at that school would affect me greatly. On my first day of school I remember my older brother, John, and me getting awakened by my loving mother in the early morning hour. My mother was getting our clothes picked out, ironed and starched for the day. My father was doing his

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  • My First Class At School

    It 's now Monday morning and she has to go to school. Luckily today her first class starts at eleven and the alarm clock read that it 's nine forty. After spending last night and early morning at the casino, and after getting home around two, she was grateful for the extra hours of sleep that she wouldn 't usually have on an average school day. It was on her way to the bathroom that she decides to get herself some pancakes for breakfast, as a treat for her win at the casino. After her quick shower

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