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A good rule on a snow covered road with reduced visibility is to maintain a following distance of _____ or more

6 secs

Poor roadways or weather conditions requires motorists to increase following distance

What does this sign mean?

The driver is going to stop

If your vehicle wheels drift onto the shoulder of the road, you must:

Not try to turn back onto the pavement right away

Abrupt steering may throw vehicle off balance

Which of the following fees must be paid upon a nj driver's first dui offense?

$100 AERF, $100 drunk driving fund, and $75 safe neighborhood fund

If ice falls from a nj driver's vehicle and results in property damage, he or she could be fined up to?


The fine for this conviction may be significant

If a driver has a BAC of 0.15%, he or she is ___ times more likely to cause a crash.


Driving with a BAC of 0.15% is a significantamount risk

A conviction of driving the wrong way a one way street will result in the addition of _____ points on a NJ driving record


No accident

Purchasing alcohol under 21 fine and suspension period is....

$500; 6 months

To cause the loss of license, multiple dui offenses must occur within ____ years

10 years

Is a nj driver is convicted of multiple dui charges within a 10 yr period, his or her driving privileges may be lost for up to _____ yrs

10 yrs

Abandoning vehicles for more than ______ hours of limited access highways may be penalized

4 hrs

Can be fined $500 for and lose license for 2 yrs

Penalty for refusing chemical testing in nj is equal to penalty for driving with BAC of ____


Driving with suspended license after conviction of dui will result in additional suspension of


Insurance surcharge for a nj driver who was convicted of 3 dui charges within a 10 yr period will be increased to...


An improper passing conviction will result in the addition of ____ points to a nj driving record


If a driver is convicted of consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle a second time, he or she will be required to complete ____ hours of community service.


A second dui conviction can result in up to a ___ yr loss of license


A habitual offender is a driver who's license has been suspended ______ or more times in 3 years


Racing on a highway in nj is a result of ____points


Failing to maintain auto insurance is a fine up to....


Refusing to submit to chemical testing, he or she will be ordered to pay a insurance surcharges of ____ for 3 consecutive yrs.


If a nj driver fails to comply with a police officers order to illuminate the inside of the car during a traffic stop, they will be fined ___


The max fine for a 2nd dui in nj is....


2nd conviction of failing to maintain auto insurance result in fines up to


2nd conviction for failing to maintain auto insurance results in imprisonment of...

14 days

Driving 30 or more miles over speed limit results in ____points


First offense dui is maximum loss of license for...

1 yr

Driving without insurance can result in ___ loss of license

1 yr

Accumulating between 12 &14 points within a ____ year period will receive suspension by mail