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The art of skillful speaking
Play that told a story of human suffering
Founded the Lyceum
Wrote The Persian Wars
Wrote The Republic
Socrates used the Socratic method of questioning to
Help others seek truth and self-knowledge
According to Plato, rational thought was necessary
To organize an ideal society
Greek sculptors developed a style that combined realistic, natural poses with
An idealistic approach
Greek dramas were often based on
Popular myths
Thucydides' historical writing set the standard for
Avoiding bias when recording the past
Developed the theory that a + b = c
Philip of Macedon
Defeated Athens and Thebes at Chaeronea
Philip of Macedon
Mastered the use of the lever and pulley
Created an oath that set ethical standards for doctors
Developed basic geometry
How was Philip of Macedon able to take control of the Greek city-states?
Philip formed alliances with some states; others he overthrew
Why was Alexander the Great easily able to capture the Persian empire?
The emperor Darius III was weak, and his satraps were rebellious
Which cultures contributed to the new Hellenistic civilization?
Greek, Persian, Indian and Egyptian
What was the main idea of the Stoic philosophy
To avoid desires and calmly accept whatever life brought
Which of the following was not developed during the Hellenistic age?
The Arabic number system