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What was Germany's strike on Poland that was done with great speed and force called?
What does this mean in English?
lightning war
What word refers to a German tank or armored truck?
What does Panzer in English?
Which defensive line did the French move their troops up to?
Maginot Line
Which system of fortifications in the Rhineland did the Germans move their troops up to?
Siegfried Line
What was the pause after the German invasion of Poland in which the French and British didn't respond called?
Phony war
This phony war was referred to as a what?
What does this mean in English?
sitting war
After the Soviet Union got their share of Poland (eastern) and the Baltic states, which nation did it attack?
The phony war ended with Germany's sudden invasion of which two nations that Germany eventually took control of?
Denmark; Norway
What are people who are willing to assist their country's enemies called?
Who was the British prime minister who symbolized the policy of appeasement?
When Chamberlain was forced to resign, who replace him?
In attempt to take as much territory as possible before his opponents could respond, what three nations did Hitler attack and occupy?
Belgium; Luxembourg; Netherlands
What are these three nations called?
Low Countries
Which seaport in Northern France did Hitler encircle and isolate?
How many men were safely evacuated from Dunkirk across the channel and to England?
Fill in the blanks: When Hitler's panzer leaders asked why their superior officers didn't allow them to attack the allies evacuating Dunkirk, the response was, "the _____ _____ _____".
Fuhrer's; personal; order
From which direction did the Germans now have an open path into France, away from the Maginot Line?
Which former hero of World War I formed a government, assumed dictatorial powers, and signed an armistice with Germany and Italy in France?
To which city did Petain's government move after Hitler occupied a large part of France?
What was the part of France to the north and along the west coast that was occupied by Germany called?
Occupied France
What was the part of France to the south that was under the control of Petain's government and collaborated with Germany called?
Vichy France
What government was formed by people who escaped France and went to Africa or England?
Free French government
Which general was the leader of the formation of the Free French government?
Where was the headquarters of the Free French government?
What were members of some of the resistance groups against Germany called?
This is a French term for what?
scrubby undergrowth
Which nation was now left to take on the Axis powers alone?
Great Britain
Fill in the blanks: After the fall of France, French general predicted that Great Britain would "have her _____ _____ like a _____ in _____ weeks."
neck; wrung; chicken's; three
Fill in the blanks: Churchill's response to this was: "Some _____! Some _____!"
chicken; neck
Hitler's air force was called the what?
What is the period of the heaviest air attacks on Great Britain called?
Battle of Britain
Which British city was burned almost to the ground?
The British air force was called the what?
Royal Air Force
What is the new electric tracking device that could detect the number, speed, and direction of enemy aircraft or ships in darkness, fog, or clouds called?
Which nation used this device to its advantage?
Great Britain
Fill in the blanks: Of the British fighter pilots that maintained control of the air and prevented German invasion across the channel, Churchill said, "Never in the _____ of human _____ was so much _____ by so _____ to so _____."
field; conflict; owed; many; few
Which act expressed the United States' determination to remain neutral in future wars?
Neutrality Act
What were the Americans who believed that Europe's wars were of no concern to the United States known as?
Who was the President of the United States at this time?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
By executive agreement, what type of ship did the Americans give Great Britain? (plural) How many of these ships would the US give them?
destroyers; 50
What type of naval vehicle did destroyers destroy?
In return for destroyers, Great Britain gave the United States long-term leases on British naval and air bases in which three areas?
Guiana; Newfoundland; West Indies
Fill in the blanks: Churchill appealed to the United States by saying: "Give us the _____, and we will _____ the _____."
tools; finish; job
Which act did the US Congress pass that authorized the president to supply war materials to Great Britain on credit?
Lend-Lease Act
What was the name of the statement between Churchill and Roosevelt that stated the war aims of the United States and Great Britain, in order not to have any "secret treaties" which were against the agreements after World War I?
Atlantic Charter
Churchill and Roosevelt were on board a British battleship off the coast of where when they drew up the Atlantic Charter?
Fill in the blanks: After the US Congress abolished restrictions of merchant ships not to be armed or enter war zones, the United States now gave the British "all _____ short of _____."
aid; war