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Rated time minimums ______ non rated periods.
The support form concentration is on ______, while the DSF assists in ______ and ______ as an Officer.f
mission accomplishment
transition and development
What does the normal rating chain for an OER consist of?
Rated Officer
Senior Rater
*Intermediate Rater only when you have a supervisor between Rater and Senior Rater
What does the normal rating chain for an NCOER consist of?
Rated NCO
Senior Rater
What does the normal rating chain for an AER consist of?
Rated Soldier
Rated soldier responsibilities consist of ...
Perform to the best of your ability
Participate in counseling and final eval preperation
Reasses objectives throughout rating period
Describe duties, objectives, sig contributions on SF
Check admin data on eval
sign and date
Evaluations allow HQDA to sellect ....
The best qualified for promotions, retention, assignments and school selections.
What are the 3 types of evaluations?
Performance Evaluations (OER, NCOER)
School Evaluations (AER)
DA Level Evaluations (Boards at HRC or NGB)
The rating chain must correspond as nearly as practical to _______ and ______.
chain of command and supervision within the organization.
What are the 5 mandatory reports (minimum rating period)
Change of Rater
Change of Duty
Annual Report
Departure on TDY / TCS / SD
SD / TDY / TCS / Supervisor's Evaluation (AER)
What is the minimum rated time for ARNG
120 days
What is the minimum rated time for USAR?
120 days for OER
90 days for NCOER
What is the minimum rated time for Active Army?
90 days (OER and NCOER)
What are the 3 mandatory reports with no minimum rating period?
Relief for cause
Directed report
Academec report
What is DA PAM 600-3 ?
Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management
What is DA PAM 600-25 ?
NCO Professional Development Guide
NCOs, WO1s, CW2s, LTs, and CPTs must recieve ______ counselings?
The initial counseling must occur within ______ days of the begining of the rating period.
30 days
First drill for RC
The support form for an NCO is initiated by the _____.
What are the 4 optional reports?
Complete the record
Senior rater option
Rater option (OER only)
60 day option
What is DA form 67-9-1 ?
OER support form
What is DA form 67-9-1a ?
Developmental Spport Form (DSF)

(jointly prepared by rated and rater)
What is DA form 67-9 ?
Officer Evaluation Report (OER)

(rating chain prepares this form)
What is DA form 2166-8-1 ?
NCO counseling and support form
What is DA form 2166-8 ?
What is DA form 1059 ?
Service school academic evaluation report
The ______ is a worksheet used in face to face, between rated Soldier and rater, establishing standards of performance.
Support form
What are routine objectives?
Repetitive and ordinary duties that may have serious consequences if not properly completed.

(Usually requires job completion by specific date)
Every day of service must be ______ with ______.
Covered by a report
no breaks in service
What are the minimum days required as rater?
90 days

(exception for USAR is 120 days for OERs)
What are the minimum grades established for the senior rater of a Warrant Officer?
Military: MAJ / CPT promotable
Civilian: GM / GS 13
What are the minimum days required as senior rater?
60 days
Senior raters evaluate the ______, ______ and ______ of an NCO.
Senior raters evaluate the ______ and ______ of an Officer relative to other Officers of the same grade.
The Redress Program consists of (5):
communication proccess
referred report
commander inquiry
written appeal
Army Board of Corrections of Military Records (ABCMR)
When establishing performance objectives, ensure they are ______, ______, and ______.
have achievable goals
reasonable completion dates
What are the 5 types of performance objectives?
problem solving
special interest
Soldiers are evaluated on both ______ and ______.
Performance in meeting the established standards
potential to serve in positions of greater responsibility
What are the 8 non rated periods?
intransit time
periods when rater doesn't meet minimum time reqt
30 or more consecutive days on leave
time as patient or POW
TDY, TCS or SD less 90 days
TDY, TCS at military / civilian school (AER)
Awol or desertion
while in confinement or under arrest
Special interest item objectives include:
Army wide areas of special interest (internal control systems, quality of life, contracting, property accountability)
Innovative objectives include:
Using a new method or technique and involves ideas that usually surface after being on the job for some time
(untried ideas that could save time, money or material)