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Hic totus liber litteras Romanas semper laudat.
This entire book always praises Roman literature.
Hi igitur illis deabus heri gratias agebant.
These men therefore were thanking those goddesses yesterday.
Illud de vitiis istius reginae nunc scribam, et ista poenas dabit.
I shall now write that about the vices of that queen, and that woman will pay the penalty.
Potestne laus ullius terrae esse perpetua?
Can the glory of any land be everlasting?
[laus, laudis N F
praise, approval, merit; glory; renown]
Labor unius numquam poterit has copias vincere.
The work of one man will never overcome these troops.
Labor unius numquam poterit has copias vincere.
The work of one man will never overcome these troops.
Mores istius scriptoris erant nimis mali.
The character of that writer was too evil.
Nulli magistri, tamen, sub isto vera docere audebant.
Nevertheless, no teachers dared to teach true things under that man.
Valebitne pax in patria nostra post hanc victoriam?
Will peace be strong in our fatherland after this victory?
Dum illi ibi remanent, alii nihil agunt, alii discunt.
While those men remain there, some do nothing, others learn.
Cicero de gloria alterius uxorisque scribebat.
Cicero was writing about the glory of the other man and his wife.
Tota civitas fratri huius viri soli gratias agebat.
The whole state was thanking this man's brother alone.
Propter istos animos (of yours) illi nullas copias in haec loca cras ducent.
On account of that courage (of yours) those (men) will lead no troops into these places tomorrow.
Uterne liber vitia horum temporum vincere poterit?
Will either book be able to overcome the faults of these times?
Ubi illas nunc videre possum?
Where can I now see those women?
Hic illam virginem in matrimonium ducet.
This man will lead that virgin into matrimony.
Huic consilio palmam do.
I give the palm branch to this decision.
Virtutem enim illius viri amamus.
We truly love that man's virtue.
Solus hunc iuvare potes.
You alone can help this man.
Poena istius unius hunc morbum civitatis relevabit sed periculum semper remanebit.
The punishment of that one man will relieve this illness of the state, but the danger will always remain.
Hi enim de exitio huius civitatis et totius orbis terrarum cogitant.
These men truly think about the destruction of this state and of the entire world.
Est nullus locus utri homini in hac terra.
There is no place for either man in this land.
Non solum eventus hoc docet - iste est magister stultorum! - sed etiam ratio.
Not only does the outcome teach this - that is the teacher of fools! - but reason also (does).