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It is standard practice to install fire hydrants on mains that are at a minimum ______ or larger?

6 inches

A corporation stock is used for a?

Service line

When PVC pipe is stacked lose, it should not be stacked more than how high?

3 feet

Which is the most common cause for a pipe joint failure (leaking) in newly laid pipe?

Not having the joint completely clean

Which should be installed at a dead-end water main?

Blow off valve

Compression fittings used with copper or plastic tubing seal by means of a?

Compressed beveled gasket

The breaking of a buried pipe when it is unevenly supported is called?

Beam breakage

Thrust from a water surge almost always acts ______ to the inside surface that it pushes against.


Which thrust control is easy to use, especially in locations where existing utilities or structures are numerous?

Restraining fittings

The backfill material for a pipe installation should contain enough ______ to allow for thorough compaction.


A bypass valve would be used with a?

Gate valve

Where ground frost is expected, the riser pipes in a meter pit should be at least how far away from any wall of the meter box to prevent freezing?

1 - 2 inches

How can a distribution operator tell if a new pipe with no obvious cracks or chips is good before it is placed in the trench for installation?

By gently tapping the length of the pipe with a hammer; the pipe should ring or hum clearly

Which is the recommended trench width for a 42 inch diameter ductile iron pipe?

66 inches

The first layer of backfill if compaction is required for a newly-installed pipe should come up to?

The centerline of the pipe

If special bedding material is required by the design engineer due to poor local soil conditions, the material should not contain granular material greater than?

1 inch

How much will a flexible disk coupling compensate for in parallel misalignment?

1/32 inch

Which will a flexible diaphragm coupling compensate for in angular movement?

4.0 degrees

When a pressure-reducing and a pressure sustaining valve are used in combination, one valve can keep a constant ______ pressure even with fluctuating demand, while the other valve holds the pressure at a minimum predetermined ______.

Downstream; pressure

If backsiphonage occurs with a reduced pressure device and the pressure drops below 2 psi, which process will occur?

The relief valve will remain fully open and an air-gap (atmospheric pressure) will form between the check valves, closing them both.