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What is the purpose of the Air Force classification system?
Is to identify tasks and duties for every positon required to accomplish the Air Force mission.
What is an Air Force specialty?
A group of positions requiring common qualifications.
What is a DAFSC?
Is the AFSC identifying the positon in which the individual is performing duty.
What is a career field?
A career field is a group of closely related AFS's requiring basically the same knowledge and skills.
What are the requirements for using "supervisor" as a duty title?
The term supervisor is used for NCO's and SRA who have graduated ALS and supervise the work of others.
If an individual is in a position that doesn't fit any of the descriptions listed in AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure, what type of duty title should he or she use?
They will have a title that accurately reflects their day-to-day duties.
In the AFSC 2T251, what does the second position represent? What does the fouth position represent?
The second position represents the career field, the fouth represents skill level.
What does a specialty desription identify?
Duties and requirements for each AFS
How many sections does a specialty description contain, and what are they?
Heading, Specialty summary, Duties and responsibilities, Specialty qualifications.
What does the AFSC 2T231 identify?
Personnel who have obtained basic knowledge by successfully completing the Air Transportation Apperentice Course and are qualified to operate government vehicles.
How many specialties make up the transportation career field and what are they?
TMO, V-Ops, Air Trans, V-MX, and V-Management.
What are the three components of the AF OJT program?
Job proficiency, job knowledge, and job experience.
How is the job knowledge portion of the AF OJT program accomplished?
Accomplished through CDC's
What happens after a trainee completes all the volumes of a CDC?
They prepare for a Course Examination (CE).
Who conducts and documents work center evealuation within 60 day of assignment?
Who actively participates in all oppertunities for training?
Can be the supervisor or someone else assigned by the supervisor?
Obtains and maintains knowlwdge, qulifications, certifications, and appropriate skill levels?
Serves as a training consultant to all unit members?
Unit Training Manager (UTM)
What are the minimum upgrade training (UGT) requiements to be awarded AFSC 2T251?
Complete CDC's, core tasks, complete 15 months in training, and lastly be recommended by supervisor and approved by commander.
What are the minimum UGT requirements to be awarded 2T271?
Be a SSgt, complete 7 level CDC's, all core tasks, complete 12 months in training, be recommended supervisor and approved by the commander.
What is a MTL?
Required tasks in a work center and is the source from which you select tasks for training.
Which documents may the AF Form 623 contain?
CFETP; AFJQS; AF IMT 623a-OJT record continuation sheet; CDC enrollment card and answer score sheets and score card; AETC form 156-student training report; AF IMT 2096-classification/On-The-Job Training Action.
When may you use ink to make annotations in the AF Form 623?
Entries that aren't subject to change.
What is a CFETP?
Career Field Education and Training Plan.
Core training document that identifies education and training requirements for the various stages in your specialty.
What do the scale valuesin the proficiency code key indicate?
This column identifies how well the trainee should perform or how much the trainee should know after completion of an AETC provided formal course or CDC.
What is a STS?
Specialty Training Standard.
Outlines the skills and knowledge you need as a 2T2X1.
What is a core task?
Core tasks are tasks that the AFCFM identifies as minimum qualification requirements within the AFSC 2T2X1, regardless of the duty position.
For what is the 623a used?
This form is used to document an individual's training progression; training status, counceling, and breaks in training.
What is a QTP?
Qualification Training Package.
QTP's are instructional packages designed for use at the unit level to support proficiency training and standardize training.
What are the benefits of TBA?
Training Business Area.
TBA eliminates transcription completely; allows personnel to spend less time on manual records; allows TM and CC instant access to training records, reports and statistic for anyone in their unit; and is accessable through AF Portal.