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(adj.) throughly skilled;
(n.) an expert
Not only is the soloist an accomplished singer, but he is also __________ at playing the saxophone.
An __________ at chess, she hopes to compete in tournaments against top rated players.
SYN: (adj.) masterful, accomplished, proficient
ANT: (adj.) clumsy, unskilled, maladroit; (n.) novice
(v.) to have ambitious hopes or plans, strive toward a higher goal, desire earnestly;
to ascend
An early fascination with ants led the young naturalist to _________ to a career as an entomologist.
SYN: seek, yearn, aim for, soar
(adj.) bare, dreary, dismal
Urban renewal can turn a run-down city with __________ economic prospects into a flourishing metropolis.
SYN: grim, cheerless, gloomy, desolate, barren
ANT: rosy, cheerful, sunny, promising, encouraging
(v.) to blame, scold
The teacher __________ the student for truancy and tardiness.
SYN: unbraid, reprimand, rebuke, chastise
ANT: approve, praise, compliment, pat on the back
(adj.) worthy of scorn, contemptible
Whaever the provocation, there is no justification for such __________ behavior.
SYN: undersized, miniature, tiny, compact
ANT: oversized, gigantic, huge, enormous
(adj.) small, smaller than most others of the same type
The __________ lapdog was so small that it actually fit in its owner's purse.
SYN: undersized, miniature, tiny, compact
ANT: oversized, gigantic, huge, enormous
(v.) to free from slavery;
to release or liberate
Scientific knowledge can ___________ humanity from blind superstistition.
SYN: set loose, unchain, unshakle, unfetter
ANT: enslave, snare, chain, shackle
(adj.) incorrect, containing mistakes
An __________ first impression is not easily corrected.
SYN: mistaken, fallacious, all wrong
ANT: accurate, correct, exact, unerring
(v.) to make use of, develop;
to make improper use of for personal profit;
(n.) a feat, deed
A good debater knows how to __________ weaknesses in an opponent's argument.
The __________ of Robin Hood and his Merry Men are so well known that they have become a part of Western culture.
SYN: (v.) utilize, turn to advantage, misuse
(adj.) made or delivered on the spur of the moment
The stand-up comedian's outrageous act included about twenty minutes of completely __________ banter.
SYN: spontaneous, impromptu, off-the-cuff
ANT: planned, rehearsed, prepared
(v.) to make imperfect, damage, harm
I am fortunate that the scratch on my eye will not permanently __________ my vision.
SYN: injure, mar, disable, cripple, enervate
ANT: improve, strengthen, promote, advance
(adj.) not able to be defeated, unbeatable
Napoleon I, emperor of France, was __________ until he launched a disastrous invasion of Russia.
SYN: unconquerable, indominable, insuperable
ANT: vulnerable, conquerable, surmountable
(adj.) drooping, without energy, sluggish
A big lunch makes me feel __________ for the rest of the day.
SYN: lazy, sluggish, listless, slack, lethargic
ANT: lively energetic, vigerous, enlivening
(n.) mud;
wet, swampy ground;
a tough situation;
(v.) to get stuck
The once verdant expanse of soccor field has become a rectangle of muck and __________.
Congress will never ratify that bill __________ in controversy.
SYN: (n.) marsh, swamp, bog, slough
(adj.) forward;
undesirably prominent;
thrust out
I don't blame you for being put off by his __________ attempt to dominate the conversation.
SYN: brash, impudent, conspicuous, protruding
ANT: meek, reserved, deferential, recessed
(n.) an introduction to a speech or piece of writing
The __________ to the Constitution describes the purpose of our national government.
SYN: opening, preface, prologue, preliminary
ANT: conclusion, ending, closing, epilogue
(v.) to cause to become;
to perform;
to deliver officially;
to process, extract
The freelance writer presented the managing editor with a bill for services ___________.
SYN: present, furnish, submit, make, effect
(adj.) rough, irregular;
severe, stern;
Settlers had a rough time crossing the __________ Appalachian Mountains.
SYN: rocky, craggy, blunt, harsh, hardy, tough
ANT: smooth, flat, soft, mild, tender, delicate
(adj.) inclined to doubt;
slow to accept something as true
I am __________ of promises made by politicians when they are running for office.
SYN: dubious, suspicious, incredulous
ANT: believing, credulous, gullible, ingenuous
(adj.) untidy in dress, personal habits, etc.;
careless, sloppy
The commission attributed the unfortunate collapse of the apartment building to its __________ construction.
SYN: messy, untidy, slovenly, slapdash, cursory
ANT: tidy, neat, orderly, careful, painstaking