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accendere, acceso
to turn on (lights)
accorgersi, accorto
to become aware of, to notice
aggiungere, aggiunto
to add
cogliere, colto
to gather, collect, pick
crescere, cresciuto
to grow
cuocere, cotto
to cook
difendere, difeso
to defend
dipingere, dipinto
to paint
dividere, diviso
to share, divide
esprimere, espresso
to express
fingere, finto
to pretend
mettere, messo
to put, to place
muovare, mosso
to move (an object)
nascondere, nascosto
to hide
offendere, offeso
to offend
piangere, pianto
to cry
radersi, rasato
to shave oneself
rendere, reso
to give back, to produce, to result in
ridere, riso
to laugh
rimanare, rimasto
to stay
scegliere, scelto
to choose
scendere, sceso
to descend
spegnere, spento
to turn off, to extinguish
stendere, steso
to hang, to lay out, to stretch
svolgere, svolto
to develop
togliere, tolto
to take away
uccidere, ucciso
to kill
valere, valso
to be worth
vincere, vinto
to win
aprire, aperto
to open
coprire, coperto
to cover
dire, detto
to say, to tell
morire, morto
to die
offrire, offerto
to offer
scoprire, scoperto
to discover
soffrire, sofferto
to suffer
venire, venuto
to come