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when should a preganant woman have her glucose checked?
24-28 wks
at what age is routine cholesterol screening recommended?
35 (men)
45 (women)
at what age is the influenza vaccine highly recommended?
50 yrs

younger if:
chronic medical problems
what is the most common vaccine preventable disease among travelers?
Hepatitis A
how do you screen for ovarian cancer in high-risk pts?
annual CA 125
annual transvaginal US
what vaccinations are contraindicated in those with egg-allergies?
yellow fever
(MMR w/ caution)
what is the immunologic mechanism of the pneumococcal vaccine?
T-cell-INdependent B-cell response
(most are T-cell-dependent)
what live vaccine is not contraindicated in HIV pts?
(pending CD4 >200)
when do you start a pt on preventative medicines for osteoporosis?
(-1.5) T-score w/ risk factors
(-2.0) T-score w/out
how does the hepatitis B vaccination work?
the vaccination consists of recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen.

immunity occurs when pts develop anti-heptatitis B surface antibodies (HBsAb)
what do you give someone who was exposed to HepB and has an unknown immunity status?
HBIG + HepB vaccination series
who gets a DEXA scan?
one time screening for all women at 65
(60 w/ risk factors)
what are the live vaccines?
varicella (chicken pox)
varicella zoster (shingles)
intranasal influenza
oral typhoid
oral polio
yellow fever
who gets an abdominal US to screen for AAA?
men >65 with history of smoking (at any point in their lives)
at what age does regular colon cancer screening begin?
age 50
(or 10 yrs before youngest relative dx)
who gets the pneumococcal vaccine (PCP)?
all adults >65
(younger with health problems)

[note: booster in 5 yrs if recieved before 65]
when is Rh-antibody testing in pregnant women?
first prenatal visit
recheck at 24-28 wks (if Rh-neg)
when does a woman get anti-Rh immune globin
28 wks + delivery
when should women get mammograms?
40-70 (q1-2 yrs)


10 yrs prior to youngest relative dx