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Receiver / Transmitter RT-1523E (AN / PRC - 119F)
Receives and transmits frequency modulated, very high frequency radio waves.
3ft. tape antenna and flex base adapter
10ft. whip antenna and hard base adapter.
Handset - H -250/U or Handheld remote controlled radio device (HRCRD) (C - 12493 / U)
Is the standard handset utilized throughout the Marine Corps. Some units may use the HRCRD for more remote control functionality and convenience.
Description of AN / PRC - 119
Is a very high frequency (VHF) system. Provide secure voice and data communications in a frequency hopping (FH) or single channel (SC) mode.
Frequency Modulated (FM)
Frequency Range
30.00 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Channel Spacing
25 KHz
Channel of operation
Frequency offset capability
+/- 5KHz or +/- 10KHz
Number of preset channels
8 single channel (SC)
6 frequency hopping (FH)
Emission types
- Voice
-Secure voice
-Digital data
Power requirement
13.5 VDC (volts Direct Current)
RF Power Output
-Low (LO) 500 Microwatts
-Medium (M) 160 Milliwatts
-High (HI) 4 Watts
-Power Amplifier (PA) 50 Watts
Rated Ranges
-Low (LO) 0 to 330 yards
-Medium (M) 330 yards to 2.5 miles
-High (HI) 2.5 miles to 5 miles
-Power Amplifier (PA) 22 miles
Single Channel (SC)
Allow the radio to operate on a single frequency with the Squelch On or Off.
Frquency Hopping (FH)
Allows the radio to operate a freuqency hopping net.
Frequency Hopping Master (FH-M)
Utilized by the NCS to facilitate NST.
Allows RT to operate in retransmit mode. Used for retransmit operations.
Used for remote operation. Utilized with the OK-648 / U remote control unit or an AN/GRA - 39 remote control group.
Electronic Tuning
Frequency is entered manually by using keypad. Up to eight SC channels and six FH channels can be loaded and later selected using CHAN (channel) switch.
Electronic Protection Measure Capability (EPM)
Provides the ability to overcome or avoid jamming. SINCGARS are capable of frequency hopping at a rate of up to 6000 per minute (100 per second).
Single Channel Ground and Air Radio System.
Integrated Communication Security - cryptographic equipment has been integrate or built into the radio.