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signs of a weakening economy in the 1920s
rural banks failing
a drop in the Dow Jones in Oct. 1929 caused investors to do what?
sell stocks
a major cause of the Great Depression
uneven wealth distribution
why did the collapse of the US economy hurt European economies?
we stopped investing in Germany
result of wage cuts and unemployment in the early 1930s
lead to the construction of Hooverville
one of the Depression's effects on African Americans and women
lost jobs to white men
the scottsboro case
institutional racism
how did the depression affect American's belief in the democratic process?
kept their faith in the democratic process
after the crash of 1929, why was rapid economic recovery impossible?
other parts of the economy was weak
how did Pres. Hoover respond to the crisis?
he didn't do much and didn't provide relief
how did American's view the role of the Federal government after the crash of 1929?
government does share responsibilities on peoples' welfare
FDR's reaction to 2nd bonus march on washington
welcomed and didn't pay
New Deal agency created to help American business
National Industrial Recovery Act
Supreme courts reaction to the establishment of the NRA
deemed it unconstitutional because it gave president law making power
one major failure of the New Deal programs
racism-lynchings and discrimination practices
election of 1936- what groups were against FDR?
business leaders
political left's criticism of the New Deal
didn't go far enough
court-packing reforms & FDR
disappointed in him
the most important legacy of the New Deal
more power to the president
how did Eleanor defy tradition as the First lady?
actively promoted the new deal
who opposed the establishment of the securities and exchange commission?
business leaders
criticisms of the new deal by socialists and progressives
didn't go far enough
social security reforms ended discrimination against what group of people?
the poor