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What document is the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

the Bill of Rights
When was the AoC written?
during the American Revolution
What is the BoR?
the first ten amendments to the Constitution
What document was written by George Mason?
the Virginia Declaration of Rights
What provides a written guarantee of individual rights?
the Bill of Rights
What is an example of an individual right?
freedom of speech, assembly, petition
What documents were written by Thomas Jefferson?
the DoI and Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
How many branches of government were included in the Constitution?
When was the Constitution signed?
at the end of the convention
Weaknesses in what document led to drafting a new constitution?
What document replaced the AoC?
the Constitution
What people helped develop the Constitution of the United States?
delegates from each state
What did delegates debate at the Constitutional Convention?
how much power large and small states should have
What did the Great Compromise decide?
how many votes each state would have in the Senate and House of Representatives
What is a system that divides governmental power between the national and state governments?
federal system of government
Where did the Constitutional Convention meet?
Who was elected president of the Constitutional Convention?
George Washington
What are the three branches of government?
legislative, executive, and judicial
What decided how many votes each state would have in the Senate and House of Representatives?
Great Compromise
How many states had to vote in favor of the Constitution before it could become law?
Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?
George Mason
Who wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom?
Thomas Jefferson
What two documents was the Bill of Rights based on?

Virginia Declaration of Rights and Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom