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What are the 2 main functions of a resistor?

1. To divide voltage


2. To limit the flow of current in a circuit

What is significant about the value of a fixed resistor?

Its has 1 ohmic value that cannot be changed

State 3 types of fixed resistors:

1. Composite carbon

2. Metal film

3. Wire-wound

What are 2 ways carbon resistors change their resistance?

1. Age

2. Overheated

How does a metal film resistor change its resistance compared to a carbon resistor?

Metal film resistors never change their resistance, but are more expensive than carbon resistors

What is the main advantage of wire-wound resistors?

High-power ratings

What do the bands of color on a resistor indicate?

Resistance value and tolerance

What is a potentiometer?

A variable resistor used as a voltage divider

What is significant about a variable resistor?

They can change their value within the limit of their full value.

How should a tubular wire-wound resistor be mounted and why?

Vertically; produces an airflow "chimney" effect that keeps the resistor from overheating

What is a rheostat?

A variable resistor that has 2 terminals

What is significant about potentiometers?

They can be used as a rheostat by using only 2 of its 3 terminals.

What is a common name for a variable resistor?