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The perceived lightness of an object depends on relative luminance. This provides an illustration of
context effects.
The green-colored ham and eggs had such a strange appearance that they tasted terrible to Sam. This illustrates the importance of
sensory interaction.
The 130-decibel sound of a rock band is about ________ times louder than the 100-decibel sound of a nearby subway train
According to the Young-Helmholtz theory
the retina contains three kind of color receptors
One neural pathway detects differences in the loudness of a sound received by each of our ears while another neural pathway simultaneously detects differences in the arrival time of a sound to each of our ears. This best illustrates
parallel processing.
According to the frequency theory
the rate at which impulses travel up the auditory nerve matches the frequency of the tone being heard.
The principle of continuity refers to the perceptual tendency to
group stimuli into smooth, uninterrupted patterns.
In foggy weather, automobile drivers are especially likely to be misled by the distance cue known as
Relative clarity
The African Pygmy Kenge misperceived buffalo as rapidly increasing in size because of
his limited experience in observing objects across large, wide-open distances.
Dilation and constriction of the pupil are controlled by the
Which of the following strategies best illustrates the use of subliminal stimulation?
A trim female figure is imperceptibly flashed on the TV screen during an ad for a weight-reduction clinic.
Weber's law is relevant to an understanding of
difference thresholds.
During a radio ad listeners are repeatedly asked, "What would life be without Fletchers Ice Cream?" At the end of the ad the same question is cleverly interrupted immediately after the word "without." At that point many listeners mentally respond with the words "Fletchers Ice Cream." Their response best illustrates the principle of
A cochlear implant would be most helpful for those who suffer
sensorineural hearing loss.
Felix was so preoccupied with his girlfriend's good looks that he failed to perceive any of her less admirable characteristics. This best illustrates the dangers of
selective attention.
You are in an unfamiliar setting and your eyes are closed. Which of the following sounds would be hardest for you to locate correctly?
a bell ringing 6 feet directly in front of you
Participants in an experiment were told to listen to and repeat a prose passage played in one ear, while a novel tune was played in their other ear. The results of this experiment indicated that the participants
showed an increase in their liking for the novel tune.
The basilar membrane is located in the
Green light is ________ in wavelength than ________ light.
shorter; red
Damage to the temporal lobe region of the brain essential for facial recognition produces a loss of
The gate-control theory attempts to explain how
the nervous system blocks or allows pain signals to pass to the brain.
The ability to process information automatically and without conscious awareness of doing so is best illustrated by
The individual boulders and crevices of the huge and clearly visible mountain peak appeared so indistinct to the hikers that they knew it would take them another full day to reach it. This best illustrates the impact of ________ on distance perception.
texture gradient
ESP refers to
perception that occurs apart from sensory input.
The adjustable opening in the center of the eye is the
If we could stop our eyes from quivering as we stared at a stationary object, the object would probably
vanish from sight.
A 3-D movie enhances one's sense of depth perception by simulating the effects of
retinal disparity.
Heavy smoking is most likely to interfere with your sense of
Hair cells protrude from the
basilar membrane.
The opponent-process theory is to hue as place theory is to
The receptor cells that convert light energy into neural signals are called
rods and cones.
Who emphasized that perceptions are learned through experience?
The importance of central nervous system activity for the experience of pain is best highlighted by
phantom limb sensations.
Small differences in the loudness of a sound received by each ear enable us to identify the ________ of the sound.
The absolute threshold is the minimum amount of stimulation that a person needs to detect a stimulus
50 percent of the time.
When Judy reads a book, the images of the printed words come into sharpest focus at a point behind her retina. This indicates that she
is farsighted.
Cars are typically perceived as ________ if they have bright rather than dim headlights. Cars are typically perceived as ________ if they are higher rather than lower in our field of vision.
closer; farther away
Sensation is the
detection and encoding of stimulus energies by the nervous system.
If an adult develops cataracts, his or her ________ threshold for light is likely to ________.
absolute; increase
Texture gradient provides a cue for perceiving the ________ of objects.
Damage to frontal areas of the temporal lobes is most likely to affect our
sense of smell.
Under very dim levels of illumination
rods are more light sensitive than cones.
Experiencing a green afterimage of a red object is most easily explained by
the opponent-process theory.
The nerve cells that respond to specific aspects of a visual stimulus, such as its shape or its movement, are
feature detectors.
Because the football game was interrupted by a long half-time break, 5-year-old Mark mistakenly concluded that the second and third quarters of play were parts of two different games. His experience best illustrates the organizational principle of
The Gestalt principles of proximity and similarity refer to ways in which we
organize stimuli into coherent groups.
The ganzfeld procedure has recently been used in studies of
In order for us to experience lightness constancy, we should view things
in relation to surrounding objects.
Laboratory experiments have indicated that noise is particularly stressful and disruptive when it is
Receptor cells for the vestibular sense are located in the
inner ear.
If the just noticeable difference for a 10-ounce weight is 1 ounce, the just noticeable difference for an 80-ounce weight would be ________ ounce(s).
Interposition is a cue for depth perception in which closer objects
obstruct our view of distant objects.
After reading her horoscope in the morning newspaper, Nancy readily interpreted numerous experiences of that day as clear verifications of its accuracy. This best illustrates the dangers of
perceptual set.
The light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, containing the rods and cones, is the
Which of the following concepts best illustrates the perspective of Gestalt psychologists?
Farouk insists that by intense mental concentration he can actually influence the mechanically generated outcomes of slot machines. Farouk is most specifically claiming to possess the power of
The Muller-Lyer illusion involves the misperception of
the length of lines.
The simultaneous stimulation of adjacent cold and warmth spots on the skin produces the sensation of
Mr. Watkins had been blind from birth. While corrective eye surgery enabled him to see, he was unable to visually distinguish a spoon from a key. This fact would serve to support the position advanced by
Some people are better than others at detecting slight variations in the taste of various blends of coffee. This best illustrates the importance of
difference thresholds.
During the first month of life, human infants will turn to avoid an object coming directly at them. This best serves to support the perspective advanced by
The mechanical vibrations triggered by sound waves are transduced into neural impulses by
hair cells.
Soothing musical audiotapes accompanied by faint and imperceptible verbal messages designed to increase a desire to lose weight best illustrate
subliminal stimulation.
Telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition are different forms of
extrasensory perception.
If Jill carefully watches Eduard as he runs directly toward her, she will experience a(n) ________ in retinal disparity and a(n) ________ in convergence.
increase; increase
If two identical objects are equally distant from a viewer, the more brightly illuminated object appears to be
The high notes on a piano always produce ________ sound waves than the low notes
With her eyes closed, Sandra can accurately touch her mouth, nose, and chin with her index finger. Sandra's accuracy illustrates the importance of
The illusion of the shrinking and growing girls shown in the text can best be explained in terms of: A) shape constancy.
the misperception of distance.
Although several students in the classroom are talking loudly, Jim's attention is focused only on what his girlfriend is saying. In this instance, the girlfriend's voice is a