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How much you move horizontally while calculating the slope of a line.
How much you move vertically while calculating the slope of a line.
The way you calculate points on a line. The slope is the angle of the line compared to the axis.
Opposite Reciprocals
The result of flipping the numerator and denominator of a fraction and the sign.
Positive Slope
If a slope is positive it moves from the bottom left quadrant to the top right one.
Negative Slope
If a slope is negative it moves from the top left quadrant to the bottom right one.
Zero Slope
If a line has a slope of zero than it runs horizontally across the graph. It can be remembered through the line representing the top of a Z.
(No Slope)
If a line has no slope, or if it's slope is undefined then it forms a straight vertical line, which looks like the leftmost line of an N.
Point-Slope Form
y – y1 = m(x – x1)
Slope-Intercept Form
y = mx + b

(Standard Form)
Parallel Lines
Equidistant lines that never intercept.
Intersecting Lines
Lines that intersect at a point.
Intersecting Lines
Lines that intersect at a point.
Coinciding Lines
Lines that have the same slope and y-intercept.
Perpendicular Lines
Lines that form a perfect right angle when they intersect.
Skew Lines
Lines that don't intersect and aren't parallel.
Parallel Planes
Planes that do not intersect.
A transversal is a line that passes through two lines in the same plane at two distinct points.
Perpendicular Bisector
A line that always bisects an angle no matter the slope.
Perpendicular Distance
It is the length of the line segment which joins the point to the line and is perpendicular to the line.