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describe mental health
state of succesful performance of mental function
describe mental illness
refers collectively to all diagnosable mental disorders
describe mental disorder
health conditions that are characterized by altered thinking/mood/behaviour
describe mental health problems
sign and symptoms of insufficient intensity or duration to meet criteria for disorder
define anxiety
long term fear and agitation, more than chronic stress and arousal, threat is always negative and disproportionate
what is generalized anxiety disorder?
high arousal
research on preventative effects of exercise
greater self-reported PA in those with better mental healthy and less anxiety
fit people have less anxiety
research on use of exercise as a treatment
initially unfit and highly anxious individuals have the most to gain
little evidence on levels of intensity/duration/length of program - acsm guidelines, 12-17 weeks
anaerobic and aerobic training have similar effects yet anaerobic could induce anxiety
define depression
consistent low mood compared to elation
*lack of motivation and enjoyment
prevalence of depression?
1.7-1.8x more prevalent in women
using DALYs mental illnesses rank second only to cardiovascular problems in disease burden in industrialized nations
treatment of depression
many individuals are highly reluctant to seek treatment due to stigma associated with mentla illness
research on preventative effects of exercise
intervention is most affected by motivation, and adherence isn't much of a problem
combinations with light therapy and vitamins
measurement of anxiety/depression?
anxiety - self-report/physiological
depression - standard classification criteria, self-report measures
mechanisms of change for anxiety/depression?
anxiety - thermogenic hypothesis, and distraction hypothesis
depression - anthropological, endorphin, monoamine, HPA axis, social interaction