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a status attained by effort
achieved status
a status determined at birth
ascribed status
the body of beliefs that are common to a community or society and that givepeople a sense of belonging
collective consciousness
subculture created as a reaction against the values of the dominant culture
cultural resources that are socially designated as being worthy and that give advantages to groups possessing such capital
cultural capital
the transmission of cultural elements from one society or culture to another
cultural diffuson
the pervasive and excessive influence of one culture throughout society
cultural hegemony
the delat in cultural adjustments to changing social conditions
culture lag
the feeling of disorientation that can come when one encounters a new or repidly changed cultural situation
culture shock
an interaction between people through the medium of computer networks
cyberspace interaction
a systematic interrelation of different tasks that develops in complex societies
division of labor
the culture of the most powerful group in society
dominant culture
the belief that one's ingroup is superior to all out groups
a technique for studying human interaction by deliberately disrupting social norms and observing how individuals attempt to restore normalcy
german for community, a state characterized by a sense of fellow feeling among the members of a society, including strong personal ties, sturdy primary group memberships, and a sense of personal loyalty to one another... rural life
german for society, a form of social organization characterized by a high division of labor, less prominence of personal ties, the lack of a sense of community among the members and the absence of a feeling of belonging.. urban life
diffusion of a single culture throughout the world
global culture
a collection of individuals who interact and communicate, share goals and norms, and who have a subjective awareness of "we"
a process by which people control how others perceive them
impression management
analysis of large processes and sturctures, such as institutions
channels of communication that are available to very wide segments of the population
mass media
some characteristic of a person that overrides all other features of the person's identity
master status
analysis of processes and structures of social interaction, such as types of interactions or groups
modes of thinking that view society through the plural experiences of its diverse membership
unity based on role diffrentiation, not similarity
organic solidarity
communication that is conveyed by voice pitch, loudness, rhythm, emphasis, frequency, and other such nonverbal elements
paralinguistic communication
the beliefs, practices, and objects that are part of everyday traditions
popular culture
society organized around the provision of services
postindustrial society
one that directly uses the land as a major means of survival
preindustrail society
meanign conveyed by the amount of space maintained between interacting individuals
prozemic communication
te idea that the mass media reflect the values of the general population
reflection hypothesis
the expected behavior associated with a given status in society
two or more roles associated with contradictory expectations
role conflict
a person weadmire and whose behavior we imitate
role model
all the roles occupied by a person at a given time
role set
confliction expectations within the same role
role strain
an esablished and organized system ofsocial behavior with a recognized purpose
social institution
behavior between two or more people that is given meaning
social interaction
the order established in social groups
social organization
the patterns of social relationships and social institutions that comprise society
social structure
a system of social interactions that includes both culture and social organization
an established position in a social structue that carries wit it a degree of prestige
exists when the different stauses occupied by the individual bring with them significantly different amounts of prestige
status inconsistency
the complete set of statuses occupied by a person at a given time
status set
the culture of groups whose values and norms of behavior are some what different from thos of the dominant culture
a culture that specific challenge to the dominant culture
culture of resistance
culture that which is shared by only a selecty few but highly valued
elite culture
builds on the insights of the symbolic interaction perspective
cultural studies
latin pharase meaning a thing in itself, of its own particular kind
sui generis
people who are lumped together based on one or more shared characteristics
social categories
highly structured social groupings that form to pursue a set of goals
formal organizations
norms for behavior that they carry with them into situations of interaction
background expectancies
analyzing interaction that assumes the participants are actors on a stage in the drama of everyday social life
dramaturgy model
to eliminate the conditions ccausing the embarrassment
restore face
a social interaction holds that our interactions are determined by the rewards and punishments that we receive from others
social exchange model
if the reqard for an interaction exceeds the punishment for it
social profit
when people get from an interaction at least as muc as they put into it
equitable interaction
a mathematical and economic theory that predicts human interaction
game theory
spoken and written language
verbal communication
conveyed by means such as touch, tone of voice, and gestures
noverbal communication
involves any conveyance of meaning through touch
tactile communication
involves gestures, facial expression, body position, and the like
kinesic communication
it represents our personal three dimensional space
proxemic bubble
the powerful desire human have to be with other human beings
scoietises that technology enable the hunting of animals and gathering of vegetation
foraging societies
technology is based on the domestication of animals
pastoral societies
elaborate hond tools are cued to cultlivae the land
horticultural societies
one that uses machines and other advanced technologies to produce and distribute goods and services
indutrial society