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Georges Clemenceau
Premier of France
Americans thought German submarine warfare was
President Wilson's 14 points ended
secret treaties among nations
modern weapons changed old war strategies and
led to a stalemate
The Treaty of Versailles laid the blame for conflict on
While on speaking tour to promote Treat of Versailles, President Wilson
suffered a stroke
The US Senate __________ the Treaty of Versailles
WWI was known as
the war to end all wars
leader of Committee on public education in charge of US propoganda
George Creel
Russia's exit from war
increased pressure on the Allies
purpose of War Industries Board
increased production of war goods
opportunities for women & minorities
increased throughout the economy
1st woman in the Hour of Representatives
Jeanette Rankin
2 reasons US entered the war
get money back
make the world a safe place to be
Who won the 1916 Presidential elelction?
What was his slogan?
"He kept us out of war"
No alcohol
U.S. Act created to raise an army for WWI
Selective Service Act
During WWI people in the US felt
they had no personal freedoms and no 1st amendment rights
What pulled European nations into the war
system of secret alliances