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after it hits earth a meteroid is called a ?
the planet BLANK is sometimes called earths twin
the planet BLANK may be an escaped moon or comet
dwarf pluto
the BLANK is a giant storm on jupiter
the great red spot
a BLANK is made up of dust and rock particles mixed with frozen water,methane,and ammonia
the planet BLANK apperently shrank in diameter
the BLANK blet lies between the orbits of mars and jupiter
asteroid belt
the BLANK has 8 planets
solar system
methane gives BLANK its distinctice blue-green color
because its density is so low the planet BLANK would float in water
the planet BLANK is one astronomical unit (au) from the sun
io,europa,callisto, and ganymede are all moons of
the planet BLANKis fourth from the sun
a meteroid that burns up in earths atmosphere is called an
the axis of rotation of BLANK is tilted on its side
a meteor is a meteoroid that burns up in earths atmosphere
a meteoroid composed of dust and rock particles and frozen gases and a nucleous coma and tail
false meteoroid should be comet
the heavily cratered planet closest to the sun is pluto
false pluto should be mercury
one third from sun mars water exists as a solid liquid and gas
the martian atmoshphere is much thinner than earths
the largest gaseous planet with thin dark rings and 18 satellites is neptune
fasle neptune should be uranis
meteroites are small pieces of rock moving in space
false meteroite should me meteroid
the sun and all objects orbiting it makes up the solar system
a large gaseous planet with the lowest density and 18 moons is saturn
the second planet from the sun is 450 degrees c caused by the green house effect is mercury
false mercury should be venus
an astronomical unit (au) is 150 milliion kilometers
a comet is a meteroid that stikes earth
false comet should be meteroite
the reddish-yellow planet has polar ice caps and is the fourth planet from the sun is jupiter
false jupiter should be mars
a large blue-green planet gaseous planet similair to uranis and neptune
a large swriling gas storm on jupiter is the io
false io should be the great red spot
the outer planets are mars earth venus and mercury
false outer planets should be inner planets
usaully the outer most planet of the solar system is neptune
false neptune should be pluto
the inner planets are pluto uranis neptune saturn and jupiter
false inner planets should be outer planets