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Where did most people live, in fear of being attacked?
On manors.
The system of promises of lords and vassals is called?
The Feudal System
When a lord gave a piece of land to a vassal the ceremony was called?
The most important feature of the feudal system was the granting of the ______?
Who was the great leader of the Franks?
What were the two parts of the battlement?
Crenel (the indent) and merlon (the non-indented area)
What was the first step in becoming a knight?
What was the second step in becoming a knight?
What was the stage when he was able to fight in battle?
Which weapon was made of steel and was kept in a scabbard?
Which weapon was made of pine or ash and was between 8-15 feet long?
Which weapon consisted of a spiked iron ball on the end of a chain?
The War-Flail
What were the two principal weapons of the foot soldier?
The Longbow and the Crossbow
Which seige weapon was a giant crossbow?
Which two seige weapons could hurl stones?
Mangonel and Trebuchet
What was the main part of the Coat of Arms?
What is the name of the lines that divide the shield?
Lines of Partition
What were symbols called that were placed on the shields?
What played an important role in medieval society?
The Catholic Church
What were the three types of ordeals?
1. Divination
2. Physical Ordeal
3. Combat
What were the Muslims called by the Catholics?
What was their war cry?
"Deus volt" ("God will it")
What was first crusade called?
People's Crusade
How many total crusades were there?
What was the most highly contagious disease? What was its nickname?
1.Bubonic Plauge
2.Black Death
In the demise of Feudalism what turned out to be more important than land?
What had lost power by the end of the Middle Ages?
The Catholic Church
What ended the supremacy of the armored knight?
What three conditions existed during this time period to make the weak dependant on the powerful for protection?
1. War
2. Famine/Plague
3. Lack of Central Government
What were the three classes of people during the feudal era?
1. Nobles
2. Peasants
3. Clergy
In a castle, what was the courtyard called?
In a castle, what was the tower at castle gate called?
In a castle, what was a small tower called?
In a castle, what is the deep ditch surronding the castle called?
In a castle, what is the bridge that can be raised or lowered?
In a castle, what is the inner stronghold of the castle called?
Keep (donjon)
On the coat of arms, what is the colors, metals, and furs called?
On the coat of arms, what is the surface of the shield called?
Which Pope saw a chance for a holy war?
Pope Urban II
What are the three reasons the Pope gave for the Holy War?
1. Unite Christian Europe
2. The destruction of holy shrines
3. Dangers making pilgramiges to Jerusalem
What four products from Medieval towns were marketable in the East?
1. Metals
2. Furs
3. Linens
4. Woolen Cloth
What were the three steps in the ceremony of becoming a knight?
1. Overnight Vigil
2. Ritual Bath
3. Oath of his loyalty
A more stable time period developed, towns began to develop. What two factors helped this growth?
1. More Trade
2. Manufacturing of Goods
What does an apothecary make?
What does a vinter make?
What does a cooper make?