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What is the setting of the Ghost of the Lagoon?
South Pacific Island in Bora Bora
Not Large
Wild goats jumping
2 arms of the island enclose a lagoon
Wild pigs, goats, sharks, Mako's dog, Afa
Banana trees, orange trees, palm trees, coral reefs
Describe Mako
A boy
Loves his dog, Afa
Lives with mother and grandfather
Father killed by Tupa
What did Mako make?
Describe Tupa, the Ghost of the Lagoon
White shark
Lives in the caves of the reef
No longer than Mako's house
Sail on his back - not large but terrible to see
Sail burns with white fire
Describe the Coral Reef Tupa
White coral
Long slim shape rising slightly above the surface of the water
Looks like a shark
Two holes-eyes
Ridge on back - looks like dorsal fin
Reasons Mako had for killing Tupa
Had killed father
King's offer of a reward - 30 acres of fine coconut land and a sailing canoe
Describe Mako's favorite playground
The coral reef Tupa
Dead white hardened coral reef
Looks like a shark
Two holes - eyes
Ridge on back - dorsal fin
What caused the water to "boil with white flame"?
Tupa's dorsal fin burning with white fire
What type of story is the Ghost of the Lagoon?
Suspense-fear about what is going to happen
Who is telling the story?
A narrator
In what person is the story written?
Name 3 things personified in the story
1) waterfalls - tears
2) island - has 2 outstretched arms
3) palm trees - whisper
What is the reward for killing the Ghost?
30 acres of fine coconut land and a sailing canoe