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What does ATP 6-22.1 cover

The counseling process

What publication covers the counseling process

ATP 6-22.1

What is counseling

When leaders review a subordinates demonstrated performance and potential

What is one of the most important leadership and professional development responsibilities


What does the army’s future and legacy of today’s army leaders rest on

The shoulders of those they help prepare for greater responsibility

What is the army’s most important tool for developing future leaders at every level

Regular developmental counseling

What must army leaders understand about effective counseling

Understanding effective counseling helps achieve desired goals and effects

Why should leaders emphasize routine counseling

To reinforce positive behavior and superior performance

What 8 critical leader responsibilities does regular counseling provide leaders opportunities for

Demonstrate genuine interest in subordinates

Help subordinates understand their role in accomplishing the mission

Acknowledge and reinforce exceptional work and dedication

Evaluate subordinates potential for development

Provide subordinates assistance to address issues or further strengthens

Give a example of event counseling

Superior or substandard performance


Crisis counseling

Referral counseling



What does the leader use counseling to convey

Weather or not the performance met the standards

When should a leader conduct counseling for specific performance

As close to the event as possible

What helps ensure that the subordinate knows as consistently achieves the standard

Corrective training

What should happen if the subordinates performance is unsatisfactory cuz of lack of knowledge or ability

The leader and subordinates should create a plan for improvement