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Who are the main characters?
Phillip Enwrite, Phillip Enwrite senior, and Grace Enwrite
Where and when is the setting?
In 1963 in Curoaco
Why are the islands of Aruba and Curacao important and in danger of German attack?
They have natural resources that the axis powers wanted
Is Phillip as worried about their safety as his mother is? Why or why not?
No, he is used to playing war with his friends for fun so he thinks it is just a game
Phillip lists several reasons why he does not want to leave Curacao. What are these?
He doesn't want to be called a caword. He likes the old fort, the schooners, the ruyterkade market with the noisy chickens and squealing pigs.
How do Phillip and his mother get separated?
Their boat got torpedoed and so they had to get in small boats and they weren't put in the same boat
What is Phillip’s first reaction when he realizes that he has been ship wrecked on a raft with a black man?
He was scared, worried, and wanted his mother.
How does Timothy describe his background? What does this reveal about his life?
He didn't know who was his mother or father was, but he was raised by a lady named Hannah Gumbs. He doesn't know really what his age is but that he is old. He was born on the virgin islands and traveled around when he became older.
Do you think Phillip is really mad at Timothy or is he upset about other things? If so, what?
He isn't really mad he is just upset bout getting separated from his mother and becoming blind.
Why does Timothy burn a cloth?
He made a tourch for light out of it
Why did Timothy warn Phillip not to put his hands in the water?
He warned him not to because there were sharks all around them.
How is Timothy acting as Phillips’ eyes?
He would describe the sky, water, and what was around them to Phillip
Why did Timothy beome angry with Phillip?
Phillip tripped and fell overboard and so Timothy had to save him. There were sharks in the water that could of really hurt them.
How did Phillip and Timothey disagree over the island?
Timothy wanted to go 2 the island because he thought someone would find them easier, but Phillip thought the opposite.
Why did the geography of the cay make Timothy think it would be unlikely for them to be rescued?
It was in the devils mouth which prevented large boats from coming in. If a boat tried 2 come in it would get a hole in it and fill up with water.
Why do you think Phillip harbored feelings of resentment toward Timothy?
Because his mom and dad had raised him not to like black people.
What event signaled a complete change in Timothy and Phillip’s relationship?
Timothy slapped Phillip because he called him a stupid old black man
Why do you think that Philip’s attitude toward Timothy changed?
He realized that someones race doesn't matter is their character that counts.
Why were Phillip and Timothy so happy when it rained hard?
They liked how the rain was hitting their skin and they filled up a whole thing of water to drink
How did Timothy keep Phillip from feeling sorry for himself?
Every time Phillip would start talking bout it Timothy would change the subject and he would also give him lots of work to do
Why do you think Timothy was trying to make Phillip more independent?
He knew when he died phillip would have to fend for himself so he was trying to prepare phillip for this
Why could Timothy’s malaria only be treated with cool water?
HIs head was burning and since there was no medicine to help it he had to stick his head in the water to cool it off
How did Phillip show his growing self-sufficiency during Timothy’s bout with malaria
He helped Timothy out instead of Timothy helping Phillip. He though it felt good to be close to Timothy. He pulled him out of the water and saved him from drownding
What lasting result did the latest bout with malaria have on Timothy?
He realized he needed to teach phillip everything you need to know to survive, because he knew he was going to die soon.
Why did Timothy want Phillip to be able to fish on his own?
He wanted to know phillip would be able to have food to survive on
Why did Phillip climb the coconut palm despite his fear?
He wanted to see if he could do it before Timothy died so he would make him proud. And to prove he doesn't need his eyes to accomplish things
What immediate task faced Phillip at the end of the storm?
he had to barry timothy
What was Timothy’s legacy to Phillip, and how did it help him continue his fight for survival?
he had to build a fire so planes could see he was on the island
Why did Phillip use sea grape to make a fire?
He really had hope it would get him and it even looked like it would but it didn't
How did Timothy know that a storm was coning? What did he do to prepare for the storm?
he heard a crack in the ocean which was a sign of a hurricane coming. he put their water kege up in a coconut tree on a high branch and built their hut up on a high mountain
Why did Timothy call the approaching storm a “freak”?
Because it usually comes in september or october or august or july
Why was Phillip afraid of surviving the storm alone?
he was blind and didn't want to be stuck on the island by himslef
What sacrifice did Timothy make on Phillip’s behalf during the hurricane?
he tide phillip up against to a palm tree and held him tightly
Upon realizing that Timothy had died, what do you think Phillip meant when he said, “There are times when you are beyond tears”?
He was so sad, mad, scared, and tired that he didn't want to cry right then.
plunge with alternate rise and fall of the bow and stern
torn or ragged
toward the right side of the ship
open platform
utter suddenly
unevenly cut
toward the side of the ship from which the wind blows
narrow opening
type of sailing vessel having at least a foremast and main mast
fall rapidly or forcefully
burning without flame
save from being destroyed
comparing two things using like or as
comparing two things without using like or as
imitation of a sound such as boom
giving non human things human like qualities
an unusual twist of fate