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What is the Bill of Rights?

First 10 Amendments to the Constitution which guarantee the rights that each United States citizen has.

Amendment 1

Freedom of Expression-

Gives freedom of religion

Freedom of speech and press

Right to peacefully assemble

Right to petition the Government

Amendment 2

Right to Bear Arms-

People may own guns as a public militia was once important for the security of America

Amendment 3

Quartering of Troops-

Providing soldiers housing and food

Soldiers cannot be quartered without the owner's permission unless following a law

Amendment 4

Unreasonable Searches and Seizures-

Unreasonable searches and seizures of people, houses, papers, and belongings are not allowed

Warrants can only be issued without probable cause and must be specific about who, what, or where will be searched

Amendment 5

Due Process of the Law-

You have the right to not incriminate yourself (I take the 5th)

You have the right to a grand jury for serious crimes

You have the right to the due process of the law

You cannot be tried for the same crime twice

You have the right to receive compensation for private property taken for public use

Amendment 6

Right to a Fair Trial-

Speedy and public trial

Impartial jury in the State and district where the crime was committed

Confronted with the witnesses against you

Can obtain witnesses for yourself

Assistance of Counsel (lawyer) for defense

Amendment 7

Trial by Jury in Civil Cases-

In civil cases, noncriminal matters, disputes between private parties in personal matters or contracts

Trial by jury

Jury decision cannot be overturned by a judge

Amendment 8

Cruel and Unusual Punishment-

Prevents excessive bail and fines

Prevents punishments that are cruel or unusual based off the "standards of decency

Amendment 9

Unenumerated Rights-

The rights here are not the only rights people are allowed, there can be others not in the Constitution

Generally thought to be the right to travel, to vote, to privacy

Amendment 10

States' Rights- Powers not given to or prevented by the federal government in the Constitution are under the control of the states