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What species of termite lives in the soil?
Are Formosan termites considered subterranean termites?
Name the three types of termites in the United States.
Drywood, subterranean, dampwood
Do powder post beetles attack hardwoods or softwoods? Describe why.
Hardwoods, they have pores to lay eggs
What caste makes up the majority of a termite colony?
Other then soldier, name the other two cast of termites.
Soldier, swarmer
What defines the look of a termite soldier?
Elongated head, large mandibles
What kind of termite needs no contact with the soil?
How old must a termite colony be to produce swarmers?
3-5 years
What month do termites typically swarm?
January to June, April in Texas
Formosan termites make a colony into the walls called a?
Carton or aerial carton
Termites cannot digest wood buy themselves and depend on what to do it?
Bacteria or protozoa
Termites depend on fungi in the wood for moisture.
Termites can enter through an opening of what size?
1/32 in.
An apprentice trained in the termite category can complete a WDI report and a termite treatment.
what is the primary way of identifying Drywood termites?
six sided fecal pellets
Carpenter ants feed finally groundwood to their young.
Name four wood destroying beetles.
True powderpost, furniture, deathwatch, false powderpost
Why you carpenter bees bore into wood?
Lay eggs, over-winter
What is the primary evidence of the powderpost beetle infestation?
Shot holes, white powdery frass from holes
What defines a spot treatment in Texas?
10 linear or square feet or less
A subterranean termite has elbowed antenna.
What is the best way to determine if a termite is a Formosan?
Swarmers are brown and workers have rounded heads with crossed mandibles.
What kind of surface does a Drywood termite gallery have, rough or sculptured?
A termite category license will allow you to use fumigants to kill any species of termites.
What is the primary characteristic of Formosan termites?
Aggressive nature
What type of posting or notification requirement is associated with the WDI report?
Sticker under the kitchen sink
What does a subterranean termite construct to access the house from the soil?
Tunnel, shelter tube
What color are carpenter bees?
Black with yellow thorax
How many nodes does a carpenter and have?
Carpenter ants leave a rescued appearance to their galleries.
Carpenter ants are always solid black and all the same size.
Besides your contract, which contains all the specifications for treatment, what to other documents must be disclosed when proposing a termite treatment?
Consumer info sheet, label of chemical
What type of chemical is made up of oxygen and boron?
What is the process for treating the soil around a monolithic slab?
What type of solution is used to treat inside interior walls of a home for termites?
A carpenter bee is hairy all over the abdomen.
Carpenter bees usually make a whole about what size?
Subterranean swarmers are usually dark brown with two large wings.
False, black with 4 equal length wings
Name three conducive conditions to termite infestation.
Wood to ground contact, heavy foliage, high storyline, wood debris, fence abutting
WDI report forms can be used for inspections for existing homeowners.
Termite treatment usually should be performed with high-pressure equipment.
Male carpenter bees are very aggressive and can inflict a painful sting.
All drill holes must be spaced about how far apart?
Up to 12"
What is the treatment process called for injection around the roots and other obstructions?
When performing a termite treatment on a commercial property you must notify the TDA in advance of treatment.
What is the disclosure language in the WDI report form called?
Scope of Inspection
What opinions can be issued by WDI inspector concerning damage?
What is the primary route that termites were used to access the interior of the home?
Plumbing penetrations
What is the name of the national WDI form that is excepted in Texas?
NPMA 33A, you must give Texas form first