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Herzberg's original research on the two-factor theory was based upon _________.
a group of 200 accountants and engineers
An expectancy value of ____ indicates no chance that an outcome will occur after the behavior or act
John believes that employees are treated arbitrarily and inconsistently. This may be considered a perception of low _______________.
procedural justice
McClelland was the founder of the ____________________.
learned needs theory
Within the context of the expectancy theory of motivation, an individual's perception that first-level outcomes are associated with second-level outcomes is termed _______________.
Alderfer's ERG theory of motivation differs from Maslow's need hierarchy _______________.
on how people move through the different levels of needs
The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is _______________.
a projective test
_____________ theory implies that individuals are motivated to engage in behavior to satisfy one of the three sets of needs
Locke presents that if employees are in a state of positive inequity, i.e. overpaid, they are likely to _______________.
adjust their idea of what constitutes an equitable payment to justify their pay
According to Herzberg's two-factor theory the _________.
absence of satisfiers doesn't prove highly dissatisfying
Within the context of the expectancy theory of motivation, the preference for outcomes, as seen by the individual, is termed _______________
According to equity theory, a ____________________ is any individual(s) or group used by Person as a referent regarding the ratio of inputs and outcomes.
comparison other
Maslow's theory assumes _______________.
a person only progresses up the need hierarchy once his lower-level needs have been effectively met
According to the two-factor theory of motivation, pay is generally considered a _______________.
hygiene factor
The frustration-regression process is associated with the _______________ theory of motivation.
The problem of "topping out" is typically associated with which of the following reward systems?
Skill-based pay
A supervisor describes her employee as having an intense sense of identification with the organization's goals and her strong feelings of involvement in organizational duties. The supervisor is most likely discussing the employee's ___________.
commitment level
___________ refers to the fact that we acquire much of our behavior by observation and imitation of others in a social context.
Social learning
Banking time off refers to the practice of ___________.
allowing employees to build up time off credits for such behaviors as good performance or attendance
____________________ primarily addresses the relationship between attitudes toward inputs, outcomes, and practices
Equity theory
An assembly-line worker may believe that by behaving in a certain way she'll get certain things. This is a description of ___________.
the performance-outcome expectancy
Examples of intrinsic benefits include all of the following characteristics of a job except ___________.
fringe benefits
Examples of extrinsic rewards include all of the following characteristics of a job except ___________.
A boss shouting at an employee over a late report is an example of ___________.
Which of the following is not a traditional form of gainsharing?
Skinner Plan
Benefits of skill-based pay include all of the following except ___________.
decreased pay levels
All of the following are considered intrinsic rewards except:
a promotion
The primary difference between the Scanlon and Rucker Plan® approach to gainsharing is that, ___________.
Scanlon Plans do not attempt to account for inflation while Rucker Plans® do
In __________ inflationary effects are roughly accounted for because increased sales value of goods is offset by the increased material and supply costs.
a Rucker Plan®
"Internals," according to Rotter are those individuals with
high locus of control
EQ refers to the ability to _____________________.
perceive, evaluate, express and regulate emotions and feelings
Research shows that satisfied employees _______ customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Carol was late for work. Her manager assumes Carol's tardiness was due to traffic. This is an example of a(n) ___________.
situational attribution
Sam sees that a subordinate has failed to meet a deadline. He assumes that the problem is due to the employee's procrastination. Sam has committed the _________.
fundamental attribution error
Research has suggested a correlation between job satisfaction and _____________.
Cattell, a leading researcher on trait personality theories, concluded that there ______________
are 16 basic traits that underline individual differences in behavior
Pat, a two pack a day smoker, understands that smoking is dangerous to his health but when challenged states that it helps him study. Pat is using a ______ to reduce dissonance regarding his smoking.
cognitive process
Responses to psychological contract violations typically follow a sequential pattern. The sequence of response is: ________________________.
voice, silence, retreat, destruction, exit
While Sam's work results are excellent he often interfaces with management in a cynical and negative manner. When completing Sam's performance evaluation, his manager focuses on Sam's attitude and does not consider his results, and assigns Sam a poor rating. __________ may have influenced the assignment of the low rating.
Selective perception
Which of the following is NOT one of the components of EQ suggested by Goleman?
Emotional stability
Psychological contract violations are determined by __________.
the individual
Psychodynamic personality theory presents that conflict between the _______ and ________ are moderated but the __________.
id, superego, ego
Dissatisfied customers appear to _________ employee job dissatisfaction.
A person that believes that predispositions direct individual behavior in a consistent pattern is applying which of the primary theoretical approaches to personality?
In Kurt Lewin's formula B = f(I, E); I refers to ___________