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Local governments face which of the following challenges?

Creating a sense of community, managing conflict among a diverse population, and managing political conflict in public policy choices.

Judicial decision making differs from legislative and executive decision making in all of the following ways EXCEPT

courts are rarely seen as objective, lending higher prestige to the other two branches

In public discourse, the term "bureaucracy" is least likely to bring to mind which term?

Responsive service

The ability of a governor to meet public expectations is contingent upon

the formal powers of the office, the informal powers of the office, and the political and cultural norms of a state

Opportunities to put executive administrators "through the wringer" about programs and expenditures falls under

the legislative oversight function

Which of the following is NOT recognized as a negative push factor making a community undesirable?

Rising test scores

The foundation of our legal system is a body of judge-made law called

English common law

Bureaucratic implementation involves

bureaucratic engagement in policy making.

The many "hats" a governor wears include all of the following EXCEPT

Chief justice

Laws with fixed termination dates that call for periodic reexamination by the state legislature are called

Sunset laws