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What is the Italian term for Botrytized wine?
What is the difference between oxidized and maderized wines?
Both turn the wines brown, but oxidization is caused by air contact and maderization is caused by heat contact. Both turn a white wine brown and cause nutty aromas.
What is the vine species credited with 95% of the world's wine?
Vitis Vinifera
What two grapes contributed to the hybrid Pinotage from South Africa?
Pinot Noir & Cinsaut
What is the alcohol in wine called?
What is Mutage?
The fermentation is stopped early by the addition of alcohol before the yeast has fermented out all the sugar. It is part of the process of making VDNs (Vin Douex Naturale)
What is The Wort?
The liquid that is produced in the beer making process from the malt meal that is created from the roasted barley step. The wort is then filtered, flavored, fermented, cooked and kegged or bottled.
How is a cigar size stated?
In Length and ring sizes.
How is Beaujolais Nouveau produced?
Carbonic Maceration
What is the formula for fermentation?
Sugar + Yeast = Heat + Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide
Where was the first AVA?
Augusta, Missouri
What is the Pineau de la Loire grape more commonly known as?
Chenin Blanc
In what town was Dom Perignon the Cellar Master?
What is the red grape of Bourgueil in the Touraine district of the Loire Valley?
Cab Franc
Where is Glenrowan and Rutherglen located?
Northeast Victoria in Australia

The muscat and tokay styles are of very high quality.
What is Amtliche Prufungs number?
The control number on labels of German QbA wine which have passed rigid testing and tastings.
What is Klassifizierte Lage?
German wines of superior quality from a single, terroir-driven, classified site which will be named on the label. Maximum yield of 65hl/ha.@What is Gutsweine and Orstweine?@High-quality basic German wines which have a regional character.
What are four regions of the Limestone coast in Australia?
Coonawarra, Mount Benson, Padthaway and Wrattonbully.
What style of wine is Jurancon known for?
It produces a dry white wine and a more sought after sweet white wine. The grape varieties used are Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Courbu. The sweet wines are golden with exotic fruits and honey aromas which can can age for a very long time. They are considered amongst the best wines in the South West of France.
Name a region in the Central vineyards of the Loire Valley whose wines would be considered an inexpensive version of Sancerre
The Menetou-Salon and the other immediate surrounding areas in the Centre region of the Loire.
What is Rasteau?
A VDN (Vin Doux Naturale) one of the Southern Cotes du Rhone sweet AOC wines made from 90% Grenache (this can be Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris or Grenache Noir), and 10% of any other grape sanctioned by the Cotes du Rhone appellation laws.
What is Bonnezeaux?
A grand cru AOC of Coteaux du Layon in Anjou (The Loire) made from Chenin Blanc. It is alongside the Quarts de Chaume producing the finest sweet wine in the Anjou. The grapes are grown on ancient schistous rock vineyards on the steep banks of the Layon, a tributary of the Loire, and are affected by botrytis cinerea/noble rot (as per Sauternes and Barsac) to a greater or lesser degree depending on the year.

The grapes are hand-harvested and aged in French barriques to give intense, complex honeyed wines, rich in residual sugar, and with approx 14% alcohol. The best of which are capable of ageing 10-20 years.
What is the white Crozes Hermitage in the Rhone made from?
Marsanne & Roussanne
VDNs vs Vins de Liquer (VDLs)
VDNs are fortified with a neutral grape brandy to stop fermentation while VDLs are fortified without having been fermented with a spirit from their own region. ie: cognac is in pineau des chaventes, champagne is in ratafia, and armagnac is in floc de gascogne.
What are the large stones in Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyards called?
What is the liqueur de tirage?
Made up of sugar, yeast and still Champagne wine, the addition of the liqueur de tirage produces not only carbon dioxide, but also dead yeast cells and other debris. Contact with the lees imparts a creamy texture in the finished wine. The bottles are then sealed with metal caps and allowed to rest on their sides while the second fermentation occurs. The bottles are allowed to age and rest for one to many years even after fermentation is complete. At the end of this process, the bottles are placed in riddling racks and are prepared for disgorgement.
What is the liqueur d'expedition?
This is a mixture of wine and sugar added post second fermentation to balance the acidity or to give the wine a degree of sweetness, if required, and to make up for the liquid lost during disgorgement.
What is the grape of Chinon (in Touraine, The Loire Valley)?
Cab Franc for the reds

White Chinon wine is made from the Chenin Blanc grape (or Pineau de Loire).
What is the grape of Vouvray (in Touraine, The Loire Valley)?
Chenin Blanc
What grapes are allowed in the Cote Rotie? (Northern Rhone)
Côte-Rôtie can be rendered in English as "the roasted slope" or "the burning coast" and refers to the long hours of sunlight that these steep slopes receive.

The wines are red, made with Syrah grapes and up to 20% Viognier, a white grape used for its aroma. According to appellation rules, Syrah and Viognier must be fermented at the same time, a process known as cofermentation. Côte-Rôtie wine typically exhibits an almost paradoxical combination of meat aromas (including bacon) and floral aromas. However, even Côte-Rôtie from 100% Syrah can smell floral.
What grape is allowed in the sparkling Cremant de Loire (Cremant de Loire encompasses the Anjou, Samur and Touraine regions)?
Chenin Blanc
What does Cote d'Or mean?
Golden Slope
What grapes are best suited for the Hunter Valley (The Hunter Valley is north of Sydney in New South Wales wine country)?
Semillon & Chardonnay
What is the difference between an Einzellage and a Grosslage?
(German wine laws)

Einzellage is one specific vineyard and Grosslage is a group of vineyards.
What is Lagrein and where is it found?
A red grape sometimes made into a rose from the Trentino Alto Adige area in Northern Italy.
What is Steen?
What Chenin Blanc is called in South Africa.
What is the grape for Montepluciano?
A clone of Sangiovese called Prugnolo Gentile.
Name the only area that Manzanilla style sherry is produced in Spain.
Sanlucar de Barameda – Made from Palomino grapes – Very dry and influenced by the sea.
Where is Chinon & Vouvray?
Touraine, an area in the Loire – makes wine from Cab Franc and Chenin Blanc.
What does Brix measure and what is it equal to?
Brix is a measurement of the amount of sugar in a liquid. The sugar converts to alcohol during fermentation. As Brix numbers decrease, the amount of alcohol in the liquid increases. Brix is measured with a device called a hydrometer. Alcohol % will be 1/2 of the Brix reading (i.e.28 Brix = 14% Alcohol).
The best temperature for a beer cellar is what?
55 degrees F
12.7 degrees C
What is the best growing parallel for grapes?
The 49th parallel between 30 degrees and 50 degrees latitude.
What is the equivalent level of the AOC in France for Italy, Spain, Germany?
Italy = DOCG
Spain = DOCa for Rioja, the rest of Spain is DO
Germany = QmP
Name some of the main divisions of Cognac.
Petite Champagne
Grand Champagne
Fin Bois
Name all the levels of quality for Germany lowest to highest.
Name all the levels of quality for Italy lowest to highest.
Vino da Tavola
What region means Roasted Slopes and where is It?
Cote Rotie in the Northern Rhone
What do the AOC Laws Control?
(There are 6 laws that the French tell the vineyard owner what to do)
Viticultural practices
Vinification techniques
Varietals permitted
Min alcohol
Max yields
Name 2 Grand Cru Vineyards in Champagne.
Name the Appellations of The Medoc(There are 7, but first 5 are really well known).
St Julien
St Estephe
Haut Medoc
Moulis or Moulis-en-Medoc
Name 3 Grand Cru vineyards in the Haut-Rhine.
Name 2 communes of Sauternes.
What are the three grapes used for Sauternes?
Sauternes is a French dessert wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux. Sauternes is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle grapes that have been affected by Botrytis cinerea, also known as noble rot.
Where is Cahors and what grape do they grow?
South West France wine region. The dominant grape variety in AOC Cahors wines is Malbec, which must make up a minimum of 70% of the wine, and which is known locally as "Côt", "Côt Noir" or "Auxerrois". It is supplemented by up to 30% Merlot and Tannat. As a reflection of the character of the Malbec variety, Cahors wine can be rather tannic when young, and benefit from aging. Generally, the style of Cahors wine is often similar to robust versions of Bordeaux wine.
Where is Bandol and what grape do they grow?
On the coast of Provence and arched around the fishing village of Bandol, west of Toulon, the AOC is produced by 8 communes with silicon & limestone soils. Those soils and the warm, coastal climate are ideally suited for the late ripening Mourvedre grape which is the major variety. For both the red and rosé wines, Mourvedre must account for at least 50% of the blend, though most producers will use significantly more, with Grenache and Cinsaut usually completing the composition. Syrah and Carignan are restricted in Bandol to a maximum of 15% of the blend or 10% individually. Nearly 70% of the production is red wine with rosé and a small amount of white wine making up the remainder. Red Bandol wine is characterized by its dark color with rich flavors of black fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and leather and usually requires at least 10 years of aging before it fully develop, although some is produced to be drinkable in three years. Prior to release, the wine is required to age at least 18 months in oak.
What do you call a sparkling wine from Alsace and what grape is never allowed in it?
Crémant d'Alsace is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée for sparkling wines. It is made using the traditional method (bottle fermentation), mostly from Pinot Blanc grapes, but it may also contain Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. (Chardonnay may not be used in the two Alsace appellations for still wines.) Rosé Crémant d'Alsace is made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes.Cremant d'Alsace - Gewürztraminer is never allowed in it.
Name the Grand Crus of Puligny Montrachet?
Le Montrachet
Where are the communes of Mercurey, Ruilly & Givry?
Côte Chalonnaise in the Southern area of Burgundy grows mostly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
What grape is grown in the towns of Die and the Drome Valley?
The white Clairette - also the sparkling Clairette de Die with Muscat near Hermitage.
Name the 5 red traditional grapes of Bordeaux.
Cab Sauv
Cab Franc
Petit Verdot
Name the 2 domaines in Chateauneuf-du-Pape that have all 13 grapes allowed planted.
Château de Beaucastel and Domaine de Mont-Redon.
What is VDN (Vin doux Naturel)?
A sweet wine that is fortified during fermentation with a neutral grape brandy - examples are Banyuls, Port, Beaumes de Venice.
What AOC produces the driest white wine in Anjou-Samur and with what grape?
Savennières in Anjou-Saumur – Grape is Chenin Blanc
What grape is allowed in the sparkling Cremant de Loire?
Chenin Blanc.
What 2 other names does Muscadet go by?
Melon de bourgogne and Gamay Blanc.
Name the main regions of Burgundy.
Cote de Nuits
Cote de Beaune
Cote Chalonnaise
Name 2 red and 2 white grapes of Austria.
Red are Pinot Noir & Lemberger
Whites are Gruner Veltliner & Welschriesling
What is Smaragd?
A specialty wine from the lower Wachau area of Austria made from very ripe grapes.
Name 4 regions of Austria.
List the Prädikat ripeness designations levels of German wines from driest to sweetest.
Beerenauslese (BA)
Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA)
What is the white grape used in Sardegna.
What are the 7 districts of Chianti?
Chianti Classico
Chianti Ruffina
Chianti Sensi
Chianti Fiorentini
Chianti Montalbano
Chianti Pisane
Colli Aretini
What is Ausbruch?
Sweet Austrian wine affected with Botrytis.
What % of grapes must be in a wine labeled with a specific AVA?
What is the grape for Montepulciano?
A clone of Sangiovese called Prugnolo Gentile.
Name 2 of Portugal's regions.
Northern - Douro
Vinho Verdo
Southern - Carcavelos
Which style sherry is NOT produced in the Solera system?
Almacenista - a very small quantity is produced each year.
Which AOCs are on the right bank of Bordeaux, what is their predominant grape, and what river are they on the right side of?
Cheval Blanc, Pomerol and St Emilion - Merlot - The Dordogne
Where is Chinon & Vouvray?
Touraine, it's an area in the Loire.
Name the sweet wine regions of the Loire.
Coteaux du Layon
Quarts de Chaume
(They all grow Chenin Blanc)
What grape is used to make Banyuls? - What type of wine is it? - Where is it produced?
Grenache Noir - it is a VDN, like a port - in the Languedoc - Collioure is the still table wine version.
Name 2 appellations of Anjou-Samur.
Coteaux du Layon
Quarts de Chaume
What country is Santorini wine from?
What area are Padthaway wines from?
South Australia
What area is Orvieto wine from?
Umbria, Italy
What is the main grape of Veugeot wines?
Pinot Noir
What is the largest AOC in Bordeaux?
The Medoc
What is the wine which change it's classification since the 1855 ruling, and in what year did it change?
In 1973 Mouton Rothschild moved from 2-1 - the only one to change at all.
Which region in France does not reclassify it's rankings?
St Emilion
What are the 2 main regions of Alsace?
Bas Rhine & Haut Rhine
What is the difference between Vendange Tardive (VT) and Selection de Grains Nobles (SGN)?
VT is late harvest wines that are naturally sweet, and SGN are picked even later and affected by botrytis.
What style wines are Bergerac most similar to in style?
They are very much like Bordeaux
What is Cote de Beaune's sole Grand Cru for Pinot Noir?
Aloxe Cortone, all three Grand Cru AOCs of the hill are Corton, Corton-Charlemagne and Charlemagne, and its northeastern part is in the commune of Ladoix-Serrigny. The major part of the Corton hill is located within Aloxe-Corton.
What is the only wine that is actually cooked and what is the name of the vessel used to cook it in?
Madeira - Estufagem
Define Meritage.
A California Bordeaux blend. Though many that qualify don't use the term because they don't pay the fees required. (e.g. Opus One is called simply red wine)
State a synonym for Fume Blanc.
Sauvignon Blanc
State the origin of Zinfandel.
Most likely Croatia. It is known as the following: Pimitivo in Italy Crljenak Kastelanski in Croatia.
Name 2 important wine regions of Canada.
Niagara Peninsula
Okanagan Valley
Name the country where winemaking began on the North American Continent.
Name the region Casablanca is within and what wines the area is known for.
Country: Chile - Region: Aconcagua
Grapes: It is known for whites from Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
Name the most important region of Argentina.
Name the most important grape of Argentina.
Name the most important grape of Uruguay.
Name the most famous region for Sauvignon Blanc.
(New Zealand) Marlborough on the South Island.
Name the up and coming region for Pinot Noir in New Zealand.
Martinborough on the North Island
State which island Hawkes Bay is on and what grapes it is known for.
North Island (New Zealand) - Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Blends
State why red wine grapes do well in some of the areas traditionally thought to be too cool for reds(New Zealand Specifically).
Mainly because of micro climates, although rain shadow and a lot of sunlight both add to the ability to grow red grapes.
State the minimum percent for varietal labeling in Australia.
Name a grape grown in both Cognac and Armagnac.
Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano)
Folle Blanche
Name the best Cognac and Armagnac regions and why they are the best.
Cognac: Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne and if it is from both its called Fine Champagne

Armagnac: Bas Armagnac Best regions in both are the Chalkiest regions in their respective areas.
State the main labeling age terms for Cognac and Armagnac.
3 Star or VS: Very Special : min 3 years
5 Star or VSOP : Very Superiore Old Pale : Min 4 years
Napolean or XO: Extra Old : Min 5 years
Name the best region of Calvados.
Pays d'Auge
State the main flavoring ingredient in Gin.
Juniper Berries
State the source of sugar for Tequila.
The sap from the Blue Agave.
State the minimum sugar level in a liqueur.
State a bitter liqueur suitable as an aperitif or a digestive.
Campari, Pernod, Fernet Branca, Dubonnet, Jagermeister, Cynar, and Lillet.
State the ingredients allowed in the Bavarian Purity Law.
Malted Barley
Name an AOC for Rosé wine from Rhone or Provence.
Best answer is Tavel, but the following do make rosés as well:
Cotes du Rhone
Cotes du Rhone Villages
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

And these make rose in Provence:
Cotes du Provence
Les Beaux de Provence
Name an AOP of the Loire similar to Sancerre.
Name the best sub-region of Graves making dry wine.
Define Sur Lie.
Sur Lie or "On the Lies" is aging the wine on the dead yeast to create a creamier texture.
Name the grape of Sancerre.
Sauvignon Blanc
Define Vin Jaune.
Vin jaune (literally "yellow wine") is an unusual wine made in the Jura region of France. The wine is made from late harvest Savagnin grapes, an unusual local white variety. They are fermented slowly and then kept in small old oak casks. The casks are not topped up, unlike most wines, so an air gap appears above the wine due to evaporation. A film (flor) of yeast grows over the wine, protecting it partially from oxidation.
Name the major white grape of Burgundy.
Name the AOP of Coulee de Serrant and Roche Aux Moines.
Savennieres - Which makes wines from Chenin Blanc
State the rough geographic location of Jura and Savoie.
The French Alps near the Swiss border. East of Burgundy.
Name the AOC used when dry white wines are made in Sauternes.
Bordeaux AOC
Define "Selection de Grains Noble" (SGN)
Alsace dessert wines from botrytis fruit.
Name the grape of Condrieu.
State what the 2nd word is in most Cote D'Or village names.
The grand cru vineyard within the village. (Ex: Gevery-Chambertin and Puligny-Montrachet)
State the difference between Crozes-Hermitage and Hermitage in the northern Rhone.
Crozes-Hermitage contains flat land with clay soils and the wines produced here are red wines made from the Syrah grape, sometimes blended with small quantities of white Roussanne or Marsanne grapes. Some white wines are also made, based on Marsanne and/or Roussanne.

Hermitage contains lots of slopes and a more granite soil. It produces mostly red wine from the Syrah grape. However, small quantities of white wine are also produced from Roussane and Marsanne grapes. The hill is by some seen as the spiritual home of the Syrah grape variety.
Name the grape of Vouvray.
Name 1 Cru in Beaujolais.
Cote de Brouilly
St. Amour
State the main labeling difference between Alsace and the rest of France.
In Alsace they label their wines by varietal whereas in the rest of France it is by a place name.
State what is different about Corton and Musigny compared to the other Grand Cru of their respective districts.
Corton is the only Grand Cru red wine in Cotes de Beaune which is normally known for whites.

Musigny is the only Grand Cru white wine in Cotes de Nuits which is usually known for reds.
Name an AOC of the Loire that produces red wines from Pinot Noir.
Define kimmeridgian soil.
A greyish limestone.
Define "Negociant".
A grape buyer. They buy grapes then produce wines.
Name the four sub-regions of the Loire.
Pays Nantais
Central Vineyards
Name two AOCs of the Loire that produce red wines from cabernet franc.
Define Terroir.
Anything to do with a sense of place.
State the AOCs of Alsace.
Cremant de Alsace
Alsace Grand Cru
Name the portion of the Cote D'Or best known for whites.
Cote de Beaune
Name the portion of the Cote D'Or best known for reds.
Cote de Nuits
Name the rough geographic location of Languedoc and Roussillon.
Between the Meditteranean and the Pyrnees.
Name the famous sparkling wine of the Languedoc.
Cremant de Limoux
Name the AOC for Sauvignon Blanc in Burgundy
St. Bris, formerly Sauvignon de St. Bris – In Chablis
Name 3 sub-regions of Bordeaux.
Entre Deux Mers
Name a vin doux naturel (french).
Banyuls Grand Cru
Muscat de Rivesaltes
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise
State the grapes of Bourgogne Passe tout Grains.
Pinot Noir and up to 1/3 Gamay.
State the regional AOC for the Rhone.
Cotes du Rhone
Name a fortified wine from the Rhone.
Muscat de Beaumes de Venise
Name two AOCs for sweet wine in Bordeaux.
Name the sparkling wine of Burgundy.
Cremant de Bourgogne
Name a sub-region of Bordeaux with a classification for whites.
Graves and Sauternes.
Name a synonym for Muscadet.
Melon de Bourgogne
Name the lone Premiere Grand Cru of Sauternes.
Chateau d'Yquem
Define Vendage Tardive.
Late Harvest.
State the Noble Grapes of Alsace.
Pinot Gris (Tokay d'Alsace)
Sylvaner (only from one vineyard - Zoztenburg)
Describe the typical style of Alsace wines.
Mostly white, dry, crisp, and more alcohol than their german counterparts.
Name the best soil in chablis.
Kimmeridgian soil and chalk.
Name a sparkling wine AOC of the Loire.
Cremant de Loire
Rose de Loire
Vouvray Mousseaux
What is the viticultural key to the best sweet wines of Bordeaux?
Botrytis or "Noble Rot"
State what major wine regions surround Sudouest (South-West).
Bordeaux to the north. Spain to the south. Languedoc-Roussilon to the east. Rhone also to the east.
Name the dominant grape for left bank reds.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Name the dominant grape(s) for right bank reds.
Name the red varietals allowed in Bordeaux.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Petit Verdot
and for bonus points Carmenere.
Name the top category within the Cru Bourgeois.
Crus Bourgeois Exceptionnel
Name the 1st growths of the Medoc.
Chateau Lafite Rothschild
Chateau Latour
Chateau Margaux
Chateau Mouton Rothschild
Chateau Haut-Brion
Name the Premier Cru of the Coteaux du Layon.
Coteaux du Layon - Chaume

Appelation Chaume Premier Cru Controlee is how it reads on a label - sweet wine made from Chenin Blanc Grapes.
Define Moelleux.
French term usually used to describe wines of mid level sweetness.
What is the soil in Champagne?
Chalky Soils.
Describe the style of Eger & name 2 grapes.
A Dark red wine from Hungary Grapes:
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Name 2 grapes of Tokaji.
Muskatoly (Muscat Ottonel)
Define Puttonyos.
A 30 Liter Barrel/Scoop. Defines sweetness of a Tokaji based on the number of Puttonyos added to the dry must to create the sweet wine. This ranges from 3 Puttonyos to 6 Puttonyos.
Define Aszu Eszencia.
Means Essence and is the sweetest style of Tokaji you can have.
Define Suss Reserve.
Sterilized grape juice used to sweeten wines.
Define Lagar.
A rectangular trough used to stomp the grapes by foot in the Port making process.
What is aguardente?
A neutral grape brandy at 77% alcohol.
State the region and style of Txakoli DO.
Colabria - Light and Acidic Reds and Whites.
What is the main grape used in Taurasi?
What is the minimum % for varietal wines in Chile?
According to the Spanish Wine Law of 2003, the term añejo refers to a wine that has been aged for how long?
24 months in cask or bottle.
Name the two dry styles of varietal Madeira.
Sercial and Verdelho
Eden and Clare Valleys (South Australia) are known for what grape?
What is the most widely planted red varietal in Italy?
Australian appellations are called:
Geographical Indicators (G.I.)
American wine appellations are referred to as:
American Viticultural Areas (AVAs)
In which Australian State is the Margaret River GI located?
Western Australia
In which Australian State is the Limestone Coast GI located?
South Australia
Which Tuscan DOC is famous for its Bordeaux-style blends?
Define Veraison.
Word used by English speakers for that intermediate stage of grape berry development which marks the beginning of ripening, when the grapes change from the hard, green state to their softened and colored form.
Australia's Yarra Valley is known for what grape?
Pinot Noir-Victoria:The area's relatively cool climate makes it particularly suited to the production of high-quality chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wine.
Which region of New Zealand is gaining a strong reputation for Pinot Noir?
Central Otago - South Island
Define Débourbage.
French term for settling out solids from must or wine.
What is Vino Santo?
A sweet passito, oxidized wine from Trentino or Tuscany.
What does the term Grosse Gewächse mean?
Great Growth” term for the top VDP dry wines from regions other than the Rheingau.
Which Tuscan DOCG produces sweet red wine from dried grapes?
Elba Aleatico Passito or Aleatico Passito dell’Elba DOCG
What are the DOCGs of Campania?
Taurasi, Aglianico del Taburno, Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino.
What is Mavrodaphne?
A red grape grown in Greece and Eastern Europe.
What are the COs of New Zealand’s South Island?
Canterbury, Central Otago, Marlborough and Nelson
Name one of the two DOCGs of Marches.
Vernaccia di Serrapatronna and Conero
What was the first DOCa?
Rioja in Spain
More than 2/3 of Argentina wine production is located in which viticultural region?
What is the red grape of Piedmont sparkling wine?
What is Marsala?
A fortified wine from Sicily
In Rutherglen (Victoria, Australia) Liquer Muscat and Liquer Tokay are made from what grapes?
Muscat de Frontignan and Muscadelle
What is Chenel and where is it grown?
Cross of Chenin and Trebbiano grown in South Africa.