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Significance of John Brickinridge
Southern Democrat who lost the election in 1860. He was part of the split of the Democratic Party.
John Bell
Candidate for the Constitutional Union Party in 1860. He was supported by moderate Southern States.
Henry Clay
Introduced bill to extend Missouri Compromise line to the West.
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy.
An amendment that can never be changed. Never been.
How did the 4 candidates for President in 1860 reflect the nation's sectional differences?
Bell: moderate southern states
Brickinridge: Southern (gotta keep slavery)
Douglas: Northern Democrat. Wants union to stay together.
Lincoln: Republican. Wants slavery to end.
Why did many southerners support secession after Lincoln won the presidency in 1860?
Because they believed that the south would no longer have a voice in government. That slavery would end.
What happened at Fort Sumter in 1861 to begin the Civil War?
The Confederate forces bombarded and captured Fort Sumter.
Describe 3 positions on slavery held by Americans in 1840.
1. Abolitionists:
Ban slavery througout the country.
2. Southerners wanted it expanded to any territory and return escaped slaves to them.
3.Keep extending the line of the Missouri Compromise all the way to the west.
4. Popular Sovereignty: let each state decide.
What were the 5 parts of the Compromise of 1850?
1. California is a free state.
2. Popular Sovereignty in New Mexico and Utah.
3. Settles Texas/New Mexico border.
4. Includes Fugitive Slave Act.
5. Ban slave trade in Washington, D.C.
Webster - his opinion of Fugitive Slave Act
Webster was against the Slave Fugitive Act, but he thought it should be passed because we had to preserve the union. should
2 causes for split of Democratic Party
1. Slavery in new territories.
What groups combined to form the Republican Party?
The Free-Soilers, Northern Democrats, and anti-slavery Whigs.
2 results of the 1860 election
1. Lincoln is clear anti-slavery
2. Secession of the southern states.
The beating of Charles Sumner resulted in
a larger rift between North and South.
What is the national mood in 1856?
Many Americans felt strongly about slavery.
Why did South Carolina secede from the union?
Because Lincoln was elected.