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What role did geography play in the growth of ancient Greek Civilization
Greece is a peninsula
it is made up of islands
mountains made travel on land slow
How much land could be used for farming?
About 1/4th
About how many days of sunshine were there a year?
What did they use for oil?
What did they use for wine?
what is an Epic?
a long poem about adventures
What is a peninsula?
land surrounded by water on 3 sides
What is a colony?
Settlement ruled by government
what is maritime?
having to do with the sea
what is a myth?
stories from the distant past that told about the beginning of the world and the birth of gods and goddesses.
What is a shrine?
a special site where Greeks believed the gods were housed.
What is an oracle?
A priest or priestess that delivered prophesies.
What is a tragedy?
serious story about men and women who met disatrous ends.
What is a comedy?
lighthearted usually poked fun at aristocrats and gods
What is philosophy?
the study of human behavior and morals.
Name one of the most famous philosophers?
How did Greeks contribute to science and math?
Greeks started the first scientific practice of medicine.
Greeks tried to find laws to explain the natural world around them.
What did Socrates do?
He questioned everything
duty to city
value of religion
need for laws
What did the Greeks add to our understanding of the world?
art & architecture
poetry & drama
science & math
Who was Alexander the Great?
ancient greek ruler
Give 5 facts about Alex?
(1) 20 when his father died
(2)he and his army marched for 11 years
(3)attacked asia minor to fulfill his fathers plans (4) When he reached india his troops stopped (5) he died on the way home from fever at age 32
Who was Philip?
The king of Macedonia & Alex the greats dad
What did phillip do?
made Macedonia a more powerful state
attacked cities and states then combined forces
What happened to phillip?
He was murdered trying to take over India.
How did Ancient Greeks view their gods?
the most powerful lived in mount olympus.
thunder, lightening,and heavy rain were the work of Zeus.
were very human and loving.
enjoyed fruit mild wine and flowers.
they offered them hymns and sacrifices
What is the most famous temple in Greek history?
the Parthenon
What does the Parthenon look like?
white marble with rows of tall columns
it influenced the architecture now
Why did the greeks study humans?
to make their artwork lifelike
how would the Greeks be entertained?
put on plays
comedies and tragedies