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Why did Prohibition Fail?
cause people rebeled and people didnt care what they said and they drink still
How did the Nineteenth Amendment change women's lives?
cause it let them vote
How did the automobile affect the economy?
more people got jobs. they got jobs producing metal parts for the cars
What was the effect of radio and the movies on culture in the 1920's?
movies contributed to the new mass culture. and when the radio was made there was a new life style emerge
alcohol was made illegal in 1919
Carrie Chapman Catt
head of the natiuonal women suffrage association
League of Women Voters
an organization that worked to educate voters
Ana ROque de Duprey
a women who helped women in Puerto Rico get the right to vote
ALice Paul
wanted the Equal Rights amendmentt
Equal Rights Amendment
an amendment that stated that all people, no matter if they are man or woman, would have equal rights under the law
Henry Ford
created the assembly line that made cars a lot faster
Charlie Chapman
a comedian who became very popular in the movies