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What is majority influence?

Name a type of majority influence and define it

When many people influence a few

Conformity- a type of social influence defined as a change in belief or behaviour in response to real or imagined social pressure

What are the three types of conformity and who identified these?


Compliance, identification, internalisation

What is compliance?

Conforms publicly but privately disagrees

Superficial change

Stops as soon as group pressure stops

Shallowest form of conformity

What is identification?

Conforms publicly as they want to identify with the group and feel sense of group membership

Temporary change of belief

Publicly change behaviour to achieve this

What is internalisation?

Conforms publicly and privately because they have accepted the group beliefs

Likely to be permanent change

Persists even in absence of other members

E.g. Become vegetarian after living with them even if you no longer live with them now

How can we explain conformity?

Deutsch & Gerrard Two Process Theory

Normative Social influence and Informational Social influence

What is normative social influence?

The need to be liked by the majority group

Don't want to be ostracized so just follow the norm

What is informational social influence?

When you look to the majority group for information as unsure how to behave

Genuinely believe the majority will be right

The need to be right

Give a strength of informational social influence

Research support:

Lucas et al- asked students to give answers to maths problems that were easy and difficult

Greater conformity to incorrect answers with difficult questions over easy questions

Greater conformity to incorrect answers among people who had poor maths ability

Give a weakness of normative social influence

Doesn't affect everyone in same way thus individual differences in how people respond

Some people less bothered about being liked

Mc Ghee found that students in high need of affiliation more likely to conform

Give a strength of normative social influence

Research support- Asch

Went along with right answer because everyone else did

When he told them to write down answers, conformity level fell to 12%, supports NSI

Give a weakness of both NSI and ISI

They both work together which contradicts the two process theory

Asch showed that when a dissenter was there, conformity fell, either because that provided social support (NSI) or because it was an alternative source of information (ISI)

Cant be sure which one is happening all the time