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Question #1

How much alcohol have you had to drink? (Normal answer is one or two drinks) Then ask how big they were.

Question #2

What time was your first drink?

Question #3

What time was your last drink?

Question #4

What were you drinking?

Question #5

Any physical disabilities that prevent you from walking normally?

Question #6

Any eye or inner ear issues?

Question #7

Contacts or glasses?

Question #8

Highest level of education?

Question #9

Are you on any medications? If so what?

HGN Clue #1

Lack of Smooth Pursuit
HGN Clue #2
Nystagmus at Maximum Deviation
HGN Clue #3

Onset of Nystagmus Prior to 45 degrees
Walk and Turn Clue #1

Starts too soon
Walk and Turn Clue #2

Can't Maintain balance during instruction phase

Walk and Turn Clue #3

Misses Heel to toe

Walk and Turn Clue #4

Stops while Walking
Walk and Turn Clue #5
Steps Off line

Walk and Turn Clue #6
Raises Arms
Walk and Turn Clue #7

Improper Turn
Walk and Turn Clue #8

Improper number of steps
One Leg Stand Clue #1


One Leg Stand Clue #2

Raises Arms

One Leg Stand Clue #3


One Leg Stand Clue #4

Puts foot Down