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What are the 4 important parts of a patient history
Past medical history
Environmental history
Dietary history
History of present condition
What are the clinical signs of pruritis
What items should be included on the Derm exam form
-Record findings that can be referred back to
-Draw in lesions
-Diagnostic tests performed - including location performed
-Clinical Impression - suspected diagnostic / differentials / further diagnostic tests
What is the function of the skin scrape
Find parasites
Follicular plugs - indicative of increased epithelial turn over (seborrhea)
excessive lipid
What are the keys to the diagnostic skin scrape
1. clip the hair or scrape a hairless area
2. squeeze the skin prior to scraping
3. scrape a sufficient area (dull blade) in direction of hair growth
4. scrape to a proper depth
5. search for mites with 10x and low condenser
How far should you scrape to
Scrape until capillary hemorrhage - slight bruising / pinkening
never penetrate past epidermis - no body lives past there
How can yeast be evaluated
Demonstrate organism - skin scraping, impression smear, swab

Hairless area only
How do you prepare a slide
-Take sample (wear gloves)
-Heat fix (Dont cook)
-Quick dif stain with no fixative (if tape)
How do you perform a Trichography
pluck 7-8 hairs
grasp firmly with forceps
remove hair from follicle
place on slide in one direction under mineral oil
add cover slip
examine 4x - 40 x
when do hair cells undergo telogen
any time when the skin is inflamed
What is telogen vs anogen
Telogen: resting hair stage (70-90% most dogs) - spear point on end
Anogen: growing hair stage (90% poodle, terrier)
What do you examine under microscope in a trichography
distal ends for pruritis (broken)
hair shafts - developmental defects
hair shafts - fungal infection
rods - growth phase
root area - ecto parasites (demodex)
How can a fecal flotation be useful
pruritic patients - mites pass through GI tract with no digestion
Sarcoptes canis

Not a sensitive test
high specificity
What is the derm data base - NOT optional
skin scraping
impression smears
fungal evaluation

REPEAT at recheck