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What do you think is happening to the dermal blood vessel that is causing this color change?

Blood vessels are being constructed and the blood gets pushed out of them

Bed sore, which are extremely painful, occur in patients who are bed-ridden and remain in the same position for long periods of time. Based upon what you observed in this section of the lab, what do you think is the cause of bed sores?

The pressure that is constantly on the skin from the person always lying down limits the blood flow to that area which causes the cells to die and therefore, the sores

Which area has the largest two-point threshold?

back of the neck

Which area had the smallest two-point threshold?


How do areas with a small two-point threshold differ in structure from areas with a larger two-point threshold?

Smaller ones have more nerve endings

How do areas with a small two-point threshold differ in function from areas with a larger two-point threshold?

fingers are used to pick things up and touch

Use your answers from questions 5 and 6 to explain the results of the tactile localization test, including any differences in results from trial to trail.

it was easier for the person to locate the mark on the fingertip and hardest on the back of the neck

Are the same receptors being stimulated when the four coins, rather than the one coin, are used? Explain why the time of sensation would be longer.

one coin- temperature receptor

four- pressure receptor

metal is conductive and absorbs head easily which made the time for one coin lower