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The search for someone or something that, when found, will bring a restoration to a homeland.
The Quest
Refers to a feat, possibly superhuman, that must be accomplished to fulfill the ultimate goal.
The Task
A hero searches for some truth of information necessary to restore harmony or justice to a kingdom. The journey includes trials and tribulations the hero faces along the way. Usually the hero descends into a real or psychological hell and is forced to discover the blackest of truths, often concerning the hero's own faults. Once at the lowest level the hero must accept personal responsibility and return to the normal world.
The Journey
Situation that refers to a moment when an individual comes into maturity and awareness of the world and its status around them and also the individuals relationship to resolving the problems. The hero receives a calling that tells them they must make sacrifices and become personally involved in solving the problems; often the hero refuses at first but then relents.
The Initiate
Refers to a ceremony that involves honored members of a community and brings the young man or woman into the world of the adults officially.
The Ritual
A descent in action from a higher to a lower state of living. Experience may involve defilement, moral imperfection, or loss of innocence. Often associated with banishment from a paradise for transgressions.
The Fall
Most common of all situational archetypes. Grows from the parallel between the cycle of nature and the cycle of life. Refers to a situation in which something concrete or metaphysical dies and is reborn.
Death and Rebirth
Situation that suggests that nature is good and pure while the world of technology is evil.
Nature Vs. Mechanistic World
Pits obvious forces of good and evil against one another with good often triumphing over evil, despite the odds.
Battle Between Good and Evil
A wound, physical or mental, that can never fully heal. Indicates a loss of innocence or purity and the pain sometimes drives the afflicted to measures of madness.
The Unhealable Wound
Refers to an individual hero's ability to use a piece of technology or magic to combat evil, continue a journey or, or to prove his/her identity as the chosen individual.
The Magic Weapon
Tension from a childhood separation or an external source when the individuals meet as men. The mentor sometimes has a higher place in the affections of the hero than the parent. Conflict sometimes resolved by atonement.
Father-Son Conflict
Some characters exhibit wisdom naturally and understanding intuitively as opposed to those who are supposedly superior.
Innate Wisdom Vs. Educated Stupidity