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To what does Annie compare Helen's coming out?
Annie compares Helen's coming out to the "chick coming out of the shell." She says Helen will "come out of her shell" through language - to learn that her "fingers can talk."
What does Annie say she needs as much as Helen needs?
Annie says she needs a teacher. (to know how to teach Helen.)
When James asks Kate what Keller wants from him, what is her response?
She responds that what Keller wants from him is not the questions that should be asked. She told James he need to stand up and confront Keller.
What is Annie's main worry?
Annie's main worry is Kate, the mother, wanting Helen "back in her arms." She is worried that Kate will not discipline Helen, spoil her, and ruin everything Annie has worked hard to teach Helen.
What does Annie want most of all?
Annie wants more time.
What does Annie say "the words can be for her" in reference to teaching Helen sign language?
The words can be EYES FOR HELEN. Sign language, words, will be the way she experiences her inside and outside world. With words she can think, have ideas, be reached, and communicate.
What is Kate's response when Annie wants more time in the garden?
At first, Kate tells Annie no because she misses Helen and believes Helen needs affection.
What two things does Keller give Annie?
Keller payed Annie two things; a verbal compliment and a paycheck of Annie's first month's salary.
To what does Annie compare "obedience without understanding?"
BLINDNESS - She compares obedience without understanding to blindness because as humans we should have moral value and understanding behind what we do.
What name does James give to Annie and why?
James calls Annie "general."
This name represents the strong authority Annie takes with Helen.
Why does Keller believe that some compromise is called for when Helen first returns home?
He felt that it was Helen's homecoming party and since she was the guest of honor they should give her more grace for her misbehavior.
When James finally stands up to his father, what does he tell him?
He told Keller to "let her go." He also told Keller that Annie was right and he, Keller, was wrong.
What event makes Helen realize language?
Annie was having Helen feel and spell water coming out of the pump when she realized its meaning and said, "wah wah."
How did the relationship between Helen and Annie change after "the miracle?"
Helen showed love and appreciation to Annie by crawling into her lap and kissing her.
Why does Annie hesitate to say "forever and ever" to Helen?
Annie had sworn never to love again after losing her brother. It reminded her of the promise she made to her brother saying they would "be together forever."