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Front (Term)

What type of signals are at interlockers


List four examples of non-vital codes in electrocode?

Back (Definition)

01 05 06 M

Leading to trailing

Front (Term)

How are vital codes measured in electrocode?

Back (Definition)

Leading to leading

What battery voltage does electrocode send to the tracks to run correctly?

10-13 volts.

Shunt foulings or not fail safe and need to be tested on the mainline. Shunt must be ____ of normal

10% NTE. .1

Does shunt fouling detect a short or an open?


Insulated joint stagger on mainline


Insulated joint stagger on mainline

Insulated joint stagger on turnout


How often do you need to do a grounds test at a crossing and what release value are you looking for?


30 days

How often do grounds test need to be performed at an intermediate signal

90 days

At what distance is a quick release circuit placed in front of hand throw switch on mainline


How often do you need to test a 9B if it is a forced drop type switch lock


2 if not forced type switch lock

How often does an electric switch lock need to be inspected

90 days

And electric switch lock will need to indicate at what measurement


In a switch circuit which relay will tell you the exact position of the switch


the repeater

What does NWCR or RWCR indicate

If switch is in correspondence

Will an m23b lock in indicate while in hand


Front (Term)

Will a GRS lock and indicate while in hand

Back (Definition)


Front (Term)

Will an m23a lock and indicate while in hand

Back (Definition)


What does sectional release allow for in route locking

Quicker follow up moves

How many flashes per minute must a light at the highway grade crossing flash


At a highway grade crossing how many seconds should the lights flash for before the gates drop

3 seconds

At a highway grade crossing how many seconds should the lights flash for before the gates drop

3 seconds

At a highway grade crossing how much time should pass before the gates fully to descend

10-15 seconds

Once I had a highway grade crossing system activates how long before the gates are descended

20 seconds

Rounders on front mast


Roundouls on back






What is the purpose of the gate circuit controller

Open and close contacts on relays

In a predictor what affects the phase angle


In a predictor what affects the phase angle


RX increase or decrease as train approaches



Advanced approach 50 mph

Yellow/flashing green

Approach limited 60 mph


Approach. 30 prepared to stop

What signal controls the bowl tracks


Coupling speed


What is needed to clean scanner lenses

Anti fog solution. No rainex

Warm bearing detectors alert desk at what temperature and how many before the desk calls


3 times

And integrity he test fail temps are between blank and blank


Front (Term)

How far below the top of rail should transducers be installed

Back (Definition)

1 3/4 inch. +or- 1/8 inch

Why would you get a hot journal nothing found alarm

Loose connection

How far should transducers be spaced

24" center to center

At what gauge are movable rails on a bridge measured at

3/8. Fail at 3/8

PTC was designed to prevent

Train to train collisions overspeed on train roadway worker limits protect the train from going through a switch left in the wrong position prevent movement past limits

List the four main components that are required for PTC

One office two communication three locomotive four wayside

List the three types of hardware required for communication of the PTC system

1 radio


3 IMG-2

Bnsf started prior to PTC implementation a different type of system what was it called

ETMS electronic train management system

Signal and track employees have four responsibilities outlined in EI 25 what are they

Ensure that new signal and track assets are located maintain signal and track as set locations report any changes in signal and track affect locations with the CMP perform audits of signal and track assets as described in EEI 25

On what tracks PTC have to be installed according to FRA

More than four passenger trains a day

15,000,000 tons

any TIC and PIH

When is a bridge considered properly locked

When locking bar is within 1 inch of fully driven

List the five different types of rail joints on movable bridges

1 mitered

2 fixed easer

3 sliding easer

4 Conley 2

5 Conley 3

List the three different types of bridges

1. Buscule

2. Lift span

3. Swing span

How often are bridges tested

Once a year except for sliding easer bar that is inspected monthly

What are the three types of end bearings used on the bridges

1. End lifts

2. Rollers

3. Wedges

Name four locations where it is acceptable to have the same polarity on each side of an insulated joint

Number one DC track circuit battery to battery locations number to DC circuit Electrico track if circuit has lots of shot number three DC track relays in the center of a crossover that has to track circuits number four at insulated joints in the center of crossovers that are designed with Shunt fouling

How often are Bond wires in the interlocking inspected


How often are Bond wires outside of an interlocking inspected

6 months

On and M 23 how often is the clutch inspected

2 years

Installation or modified.

Can you use an emery cloth on a DC motor commutator


What is the signal instruction for batteries


When does an ATS inductor need to be installed

When trains travel faster than 79 mph

How often is an ATS and Inductor gauged.


ATS inductors are to be installed how many feet from the signal it governs


An inert ATS Inductor. is either always open or always closed


ATS inductor insulation must be tested how often

6 months

What does a stick really prevent at a highway grade crossing

Receding ring

On a tunable joint coupler what part allows AC through


What will happen on a hotbox detector both polarities or backwards

You will have the wrong temperature

Name one gay man in 2015 signal class.
Seth Hale
Seth hale