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paradox (n)
something apparently contradictory in nature; statement that looks false but is actually true

ironic (adj)
relating to a contradiction between an event's results and its acutal outcome; sarcastic

Sen:It was ironic when my dad told all his friends that he wouldnt get the job then one day later they hired him to be the boss
procrasinate (v)
postpone; delay or put off

Sen: The teacher told the class not to procrastinate on their essay or else they will have to do it all in one night right before it is due
linger (v)
loiter or dawdle; continue or persist

Sen: The group of teens lingered around the back alley of the market for 3 hours beofre the cops told them to stop standing around back there
prudent (adj)
cautious; careful

Sen: You have to be prudent when dealing with children or else they would get hurt if your not careful
pervasive (adj)
pervading; spread throughout every part

Sen: the pervasive oder of the meatshop spread throughout the town making people gag
reserve (n)
self-control; formal or distant in manner

porous (adj)
full of pores; like a sieve

Sen: The peice or metal was porous becuase it had little tiny hold punched into it for water to run throug
mutability (n)
ability to change; fickleness

Sen: My mother told my younger sister that the weather has alot of mutablility becuase it changes all the time
obscure (adj)
dark; vague; unclear

the homework was obsucure because it was so vague and ther were no instructions
instigate (v)
provoke; start; urge

Sen: the detective instigated the victim so he could get information out of him about the murder
meek (adj)
quiet and obidient; spiritless

Sen: The child was meek becuase he did everything his mother told him to do and never said a word or complained about anything
sanctuary (n)
refuge; holy place; shrine; shelter

Sen: The temple was the monks sanctuary becuase that was where they slept; ate; and prayed
infamous (adj)
notoriously bad

Sen: Hitler is the world's most infamous man becuase of the Holocost
recount (v)
narrate or tell; count over again

Sen: My mother had to recount her money to make sure she got the amount right