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What is the MSDS
is a document generated by the manufacturer of the material that communicates to the users the chemical, physical and hazardous properties of that materials
What instruction covers Hazmat Material Control
What are hazardous materials
-Any material that because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may pose a real hazard to human health or the environment
What are hazardous waste
-Any discarded material (liquid, solid, or gas) that meets the definition of hazardous materials. Only the EPA or a state authority may designate material as hazardous waste.
Manages the overall program for Hazardous Material Control
Management for the Navy (HMC&M
liquids have a flash point of 200 degrees Farenheight or below. (Thinner, Gasoline)
flammable material
Acids, alkaline, and other liquids that, when brought into contact with living tissue, will cause severe damage by chemical reaction
corrosive material
Substances that yield oxygen readily under certain conditions (such as when heated) to stimulate and/or support the combustion of organic matter. (calcium hypochlorite)
(poisonous) substance may cause discomfort, asphyxiation, and/or death if ingested or inhaled, or if absorbed through skin. (ex: pesticides
Hilty cartridges, ammunition, etc which can explode if heated or drop.
Paper products, woods, and some petroleum products with a flash point above 200 degrees Fahrenheit
How far must containers be placed away from ignition devices or sources
50 ft
what is trash
rubbish and debris and other debris which can normally be
disposed of in a normal landfill
what is garbage
food waste which can be disposed of in a normal landfill
what do you do with Oily Waste and Plastic, paint, medal, wood
recycled through DRMO at most military bases
What is secondary labeling
Transferring of information from original container to the secondary container
What is CHRIMP
Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization Inventory Management Program) – Tracks, bar codes, and creates requisitions for HM
What is the AUL
Authorized User List – A list of HAZMAT authorized to be used by the activity.
How does skimming work to contain oil spills
Skimmers scoop up the oil and water and send them through an oil separator and rollers to which only the oil adheres. The oil is then removed by scraping and compression
What are PCB's
Group of toxic chemicals used extensively for insulators to cool electrical equipment, especially transformers.
What do the hazard warning signs look like
diamond shape
The three upper parts reflect hazard relative to health, fire, and reactivity