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Civil Engineer Support Equipment

Operator inspection guide trouble report

The NAVFAC Form 9-11240/13 also called a "hard card"

Dispatcher's Log

NAVFAC Form 9-11240/2

The importance of first echelon maintenance

Operator maintenance is performed to ensure early detection of deficiencies

DD Form 1970

Motor Vehicle Utilization Record also called a "Trip Ticket"

Three categories of maintenance

▪Organization Maintenance

▪Corrective Maintenance

▪Depot Maintenance

Organizational Maintenance

Minor adjustments and service

Corrective Maintenance

Maintenance shop

Depot Maintenance

Major overhaul or comprehensive restoration

Mishap/Crash Package

1. Standard Form 91

2. DD 518

3. Detailed instruction on what to do in case of an accident


Motor Vehicle Accident Report

DD Form 518

Accident Identification Card


U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card

NAVFAC Form 11260/2

Construction Equipment Operator License

The two types of collateral equipment

Component, Tactical

ALFA company Commander

Serves in five major capacities: Company Commander, Staff Equipment Officer, Crane Certifying Officer, Officer in Charge of Construction, and Department Head in the 3M organization

Alfa Company Maintenance Supervisor

Construction Mechanic Senior Chief

Alfa Company Operations Supervisor

Equipment Operator Senior Chief

Class A vehicle

The full time assignment of a vehicle to an individual, authorized by the CNO

Class B vehicle

The recurring assignment of the same vehicle to a department, office, or project when required for the effective conduct of official business. Will have trip tickets renewed on a weekly basis.

Class C vehicle

Dispatched on an as-needed basis for authorized daily or individual trips