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1. You are looking at the billing due list for one of your customers and proceed to process a bill for them. This action results in which of the following documents? (one correct answer)
a. Material Document
b. Delivery Document
c. Accounting Document
d. Work Order Document
Answer: C
2. You are reviewing your account receivables account for one of your customers. You see an open item for this customer. This posting to the accounts receivable for this customer was the result of which of the following? (one correct answer)
a. Good issue
b. Delivery
c. Billing
d. Sales order
e. All of the above
Answer: C
3. Issuing credit memos are part of functions in billing (True/False).
Answer: T
4. You are editing master data for one of your customers. You are currently editing information in the sales area data. Which of the following can be maintained in the sales area data? (one correct answer)
a. Customer name
b. Customer address
c. Shipping Condition
d. Customer phone number
e. Reconciliation Account
Answer: C
5. In SAP ERP Sales Order Processing, the goods issue is part of the outbound delivery process. During good issue, all of the following activities take place in the background, except which? (one correct answer)
a. Stock quantity is reduced by the quantity in delivery
b. Serial number status is updated
c. Material document is generated
d. Stock value in balance sheet is updated
e. Billing status is updated
Answer: B
6. It is possible to change customer address without entering the sales area data (True/False).
Answer: T
7. In SAP ERP Sales Order Process, the Distribution Channel plays an important role for the sales area. A colleague has asked you to explain the distribution channel. Which of the following will you say is true of the distribution channel? (one correct answer)
a. Responsible for negotiating price and sales term with the customer
b. A means of distributing products to customer
c. A method of manufacturing products
d. A location in a plant where materials are differentiated and stored
e. A legal independent accounting unit
Answer: B
8. In SAP ERP Sales Order Processing, organizational levels play an important function in the creation and maintenance of master data. You are about to create a master record for a customer. Which of the following represent valid organizational levels for which this master data can be maintained? (one correct answer)
a. Client
b. Sales Area
c. Company Code
d. All of the above
Answer: D