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Name three options that allow you to edit code in Salesforce

Developer console, Workbench and IDE

What are two ways of logging in to Salesforce

Browser and Web Services API

What is two factor authetication?

Something you know (username/password) and something you have (cookie, token, Trusted IP)

IP Address restrictions occur at what level?


Why is it best practice to utilize declarative development tools before programmatic options?


Name three levels of record access

Read Only, Read/Write and Full Access

What additional access does "Full Access" grant you?

Delete, Share and Transfer

Full Access is given based on these three criteria

- Being the owner
- Being above the owner in the role hierarchy
- Having Modify All privileges

A sales person is the owner of an Opportunity record but cannot delete it. Why might this be?

Profile does not grant them delete access. (when there is a conflict between a record and an object, lowest level is applied)

The only place in the application where its possible to restrict access

Organizational Wide Defaults

Users in roles directly above other roles are granted what permissions?

The same permissions as the role they are above

What two type of reports allow drill down utilizing the role heirachy?

Opportunity and Forcast records

What are the two types of sharing rules?

Ownership based or Criteria Based

How many members can a Queue have?


What level of access are users in a queue granted?

Full access to records owned by the Queue.

What two standard objects can be assigned to a queue?

Cases and Leads

Can standard objects be assigned to a queue?


What can you modify on a standard field? (4 things)

Rename Label, Edit Help Text, Add field values (if applicable), Field Level Security

What happens to the data for a custom field when a custom field is deleted

It's also deleted.

What happens if you need to restore a deleted field?

If its within 15 days, you can restore it along w/ the data.

What three places can field level security be configured and viewed?

Profile, Field and Field Accessibility

Name three components of a profile

Page layout, field level security and record type

You can map a custom field to these three objects in a single instance

Account, Contacts and Opportunities

Custom objects have these standard fields (7)

Created by, Creation Date, Last Modified by, Last Modified Date, ID, Owner and Name

Objects can be related to one anohter using two types of relationship fields, name these two.

Lookup and master detail

Many to many relationships require this type of object

Junction object

Name three ways that knowledge base articles can be searched

Using global search, using federated search on the knowledge tab, and from the article management tab

Calculates values from a set of child records and displays the result on the parent record.

Rollup Summary Fields

Rollup Summary fields can perform the following four calculations.

Max, Min, Sum and Count

On standard objects, rollup summary fields are only available on these three objects

Accounts, Opportunities and Campaigns

For rollup summary fields on custom objects the child records must be directly related to the parent through this type of relationship


Values for rollup summary fields are stored

On the parent record

Creates access to data stored outside Salesforce

Lightning Connect

Name the three types of Lightning Connect adapter

OData adapter, Salesforce adapter or Apex adapter

What does SOQL stand for?

Salesforce Object Query Language

True or False: SOQL cannot be used to modify or create data or to modify object structures


True or False. SOQL is case sensitive


What are the implications of the unique Salesforce ID to how we develop applications

Not transferable across org with the excemption of full sandbox

Visibility to apps and tabs is controlled where?

The profile

Groups tabs together, can display a custom logo and can be modified by user


Provides access to objects and other components


Proprietary web development language created by that allows developers to build custom web pages to run on the platform


What syntax is used for VisualForce language


UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop

Lightning Component Framework

Marketplace for Lightning components


What are the 'out of the box' components that come with Lightning components

Filter List, Recent Items, Report Chart, Rich Text and VisualForce

Used to enforce business rules using Apex

Custom validations

Where is data validation for these enforced?
- Field Type
- Required
- Unique
- Lookup Filters

Database level

Where is data validation for these enforced?
- Picklists
- Field Dependencies

View Level

At what level are custom validation rules enforced?

Database level

When do custom validation rules execute?

On save

Declarative automation tool that can perform 4 actions


What 4 actions can workflow perform

Email Alert, Task, Field Update, Outbound Message

What should a system administrator use to disable access to a custom application for a group of users?

A. ProfilesB. Sharing rulesC. Web tabsD. Page layouts

A. Profiles

Universal Containers needs to track the manufacturer and model for specific car companies.How can the system administrator ensure that the manufacturer selected influences the values availablefor the model?

A. Create the manufacturer field as a dependent picklist and the model as a controlling picklist.B. Create a lookup field from the manufacturer object to the model object.C. Create the manufacturer field as a controlling picklist and the model as a dependent picklist.D. Create a multi-select picklist field that includes both manufacturers and models.

C. Create the manufacturer field as a controlling picklist and the model as a dependent picklist

Sales representatives at Universal Containers need assistance from product managers when sellingcertain products. Product managers do not have access to opportunities, but need to gain access whenthey are assisting with a specific deal.How can a system administrator accomplish this?

A. Notify the product manager using opportunity update reminders.B. Enable opportunity teams and allow users to add the product manager.C. Use similar opportunities to show opportunities related to the product manager.D. Enable account teams and allow users to add the product manager.

B. Enable opportunity teams and allow users to add the product manager.

What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce?(There are two correct answers.)

A. The import file should include a record owner for each record.B. Currency field values will default to the personal currency of the record owner.C. Data should be de-duplicated in the import file prior to import.D. Validation rules are not triggered when importing data using the import wizard.

A. The import file should include a record owner for each record.

C. Data should be de-duplicated in the import file prior to import

Which statement about custom summary formulas in reports is true?(There are two correct answers.)

A. Reports can be grouped by a custom summary formula result.B. Custom summary formulas can reference a formula field within a report.C. Custom summary formulas can reference another custom summary formula.D. Custom summary formulas can be used in a report built from a custom report type.

B. Custom summary formulas can reference a formula field within a report.

D. Custom summary formulas can be used in a report built from a custom report type.

A proprietary development language created by


What is the syntax for the Apex language

A combination of Java and C# which only runs on the platform

Apex can be deployed these two ways:

As a class or a trigger

True or False: An admin cannot delete a field that is referenced within Apex code


SOQL data is returned as what?

A list

The only way to modify data in Apex

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

What actions are available for DML (6)?

Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Undelete, Merge (for selected objects)

How many executions do upsert trigger cause?


True or False: Triggers can cause other triggers to fire.


When do triggers fire?

When a record is saved

How are triggers called?

Triggers cannot be called directly, the only way to cause code to execute is to invoke a DML event.

What are the 7 trigger events that are available?

Before update, before insert, before delete, after update, after insert, after delete, after undelete

Class that provides methods to interrogate the available limits and the limits already consumed.

Limits class

What method would a developer use to prevent DML operatoins from completing


AddError() methods are applied at what level?

sObject level

THe only branching statements available in Apex

If/else statements

True or false. A global class may be accessible outside of your namespace.


What percentage of all code must be covered by unit tests?


Visualforce tags all begin with this prefix


What are the three types of Visualforce controllers?

Standard controllers, Controller extensions and Custom controllers

What is the standard functionality of a standard controller ?

Retrieve a record and its related lists
Create, update, delete and clone

Used to insert Visualforce pages into salesforce

Button overrides

What are the eight "buttons" that can be overridden?

Tab, List, View, Edit, Delete, Clone, New, Accept

Used to build complex, long-running processess on the platform that would exceed normal Governor Limits

Batch Apex

Batch Apex allows the processing of how many records in a single batch?

50 million

What is the maximum number of queed or active batch jobs at one time?


What is the best way to send email?

Workflow Email Alerts

How are error messages displayed in Visualforce?

You need to designate a spot for it using

If you need to create a button that generates a PDF for the invoices object for a client, what would you need to do?

1. Create the visualforce page for invoice template
2. Create the button on the invoice object in the related list
3. Add button to page layout

What design challenges would we encounter if we tried to allow a user to edit existing records and create new records on a single page?

We may create duplicates

What happens if one invoice record fails to save?

They all fail

Is it possible to send emails programatically with apex? Is it recommended?

Yes and No, its best practice to use workflow email alerts b/c of email limites and issues with email templates.

Workflow is tied to how many records?

One single record

Email templates can access fields on how many records?

One single record

True or false: Custom buttons on standard page layouts can call Apex code directly.

False, you would need to create a visualforce transition page in order to achieve this.

The term that describes moving configuration changes from one environment to another


The term used that describes keeping track of changes

Change Management

Configuration changes move from one Salesforce environment to another using....

Metadata API

Which salesforce tools access the metadata API directly? IDE and Migration Tool

Every change made to the salesforce metadata is automatically recorded here

Setup Audit log

What does the setup audit log track? (3 things)

Who made the change, the change that was made and when it was made.

How many changes does the Audit log display?

The last 20 changes

How long does the audit log keep a track record for you to download a list of changes?

6 months

Consolidate large amounts of metadata into a group that can be easily deployed from one salesforce environment to another


Two types of packages

Managed and unmanaged

Copies of your production enviornment that can be refreshed periodically and include full security model that is unique from production environment


How often can the developer sandbox refresh?

every 24 hours

How often can the partial data sandbox refresh?

Every 5 days

How often can full sandbox refresh

Every 29 days

Similar to packages and only work within one "family" of salesforce orgs

Change sets

What should you use full sandbox for?

Staging enviornment, QA etc

This type of sandbox only copies the configuration but not does not contain data

Developer sandboxes

What are some of the diffrences between managed and unmanaged packages?

Managed packages can only be created by a developer edition org while unmanaged can be created by any type.

Managed package lets you install and update while unmanaged is install only

Unmanaged packages can be modified in any way while managed can only be extended