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Islam can be considered a "way of life" because
it is the duty of the state and individual to extend its power over non-Muslims.
rulers must enforce the laws of the Koran.
God is seen as the source of all authority.
government is referred to as a theocracy.
All of the following attacked the Byzantines over the centuries
Muslim Arabs.
Seljuk Turks.
Germanic Lombards and Visigoths.
Who was responsible for the codification of the laws of ancient Rome?
Nunneries of the Middle Ages provided an outlet for the talents of unmarried
The Treaty of ____ marked the beginning of Germany
Describe the gradual differences that eventually separated Latin Christendom and Byzantium?
Rome and Latin's refused to recognize Byzantine emperors.
Byzantine emperors ruled over a theocracy.
Iconography became an issue between the two churches
With time, Byzantine became more Eastern in culture.
Which of the following terms refers to the governmental structure of the Middle Ages?
All of the following brought about the revival of trade in the Middle Ages
increasing population.
greater political stability.
the end of the Viking attacks.
expanding agricultural production.
The Magyar invaders of Europe eventually settled in
Examining the treatment of their subjects by the Islamic rulers, one would note that
Christians and Jews had to pay a special tax
A decisive figure in the strengthening of the papacy was
Gregory I
The Arabs' failure to take Constantinople in the late seventh and early eighth centuries was extremely important for later history because it
meant that Islam would not advance into the Balkans for another 700 years.
One may correctly describe Byzantine civilization as
Being econmically more advanced than the Latin west
The Fourth Crusade at the beginning of the thirteenth century
sacked Constantinople
Muhammad was a
The Roman and Greek Orthodox clergy disagreed on each of the following issues
the power of the papacy.
ceremonial differences.
holy days.
the display of images
In the fifth century, German invaders founded kingdoms in all the following areas
North Africa.
Which is least associated with the era of Charlemagne?
Treaty of Verdun
Under the leadership of Theodoric the Great
powerful aristocratic Roman families still held government offices.
Who was the last scholar of the Roman world to have an in-depth knowledge of Greek philosophy?