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Which act deals w/ fair housing?

Real Estate License Act of 2000


Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1866

What year was the housing and community development act added sex to the list of protected classes?


Familial Status

Presence of one or more individuals who have not reached the age of 18 or is pregnant

What year did congress pass the fair housing amendments act that expanded federal civil rights protections?


Residential dwelling

1-4 unit building where the owner lives in the building

True or False: Tenants w/ disabilities may alter an apartment to make it more accommodating.

True, but the owner may require the tenant to restore the property to it’s original state.

What does the civil rights act of 1866 say?

Prevents all racial discrimination without exception

Megan’s Law

Promotes the establishment of state registration systems to maintain residential information on every person who kidnaps children, commits sex crimes against children, or sexually violent crimes.

What is the age IL human rights act defines as elderly persons?

40yr old

Code of Ethics

Written system of standards for professional values-based conduct.

Professional Ethics

High moral system of principles, rules, and standards based on conduct & values

Fair housing act exempts

-owner-occupied buildings w/ no more than 4 units

-single-family housing sold or rented w/o the use of a real state licensee

-housing operated by orgs and private clubs that limit to only members

-sale/rental of single family home if discriminatory adverstising is not used/real estate licensee is not involved in the transaction I

Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Prohibits discrimination based on race/color/religion/national origin, etc in granting of credit.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires credit apps are concerned w/ only what four things?

Income, net worth, job stability, & credit rating

Title 3 of the Americans w/ Disabilities Act requires that...

Individuals w/ disabilities have full accessibility to businesses, goods, and public services.


Scaring potential sellers or buyers into buying or selling due to upcoming potential changes


Steering is illegal. It is channeling home-seekers to particular neighborhoods including discouraging potential buyers from considering certain areas.

Advertising Limitation

Advertisements of property for sale or rent may not include language indicating a preference or limitation


Practice of refusing to make mortgage loans or issue insurance policies in specific areas for reasons other than the applicant’s financial qualifications

Under the IL human rights act, it is a civil rights violation for any licensee to engage in any of the following acts of discrimination based on:

Race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, physical / mental disability, military service, unfavorable discharge from military, familial status, sexual orientation order of protection status, real estate transactions, access to financial credit, the availability of public accommodations.