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Where shall the license of a facility be posted?

The license shall be posted in a prominent location in the licensed facility accessible to public view.


All facilities shall maintain a fire clearance approved by:

The city, county or city and county fire department or district providing fire protection services, or the state Fire Marshal.


Prior to accepting or retaining any of the following types of persons, the applicant or licensee shall notify the licensing agency and obtain an appropriate fire clearance.

1. Nonambulatory Persons

2. Bedridden Persons


Resident rooms approved for 24-hour care of ambulatory residents only shall not accommodate:

Nonambulatory residents.


Residents whose condition becomes nonambulatory shall not:

remain in rooms restricted to ambulatory residents.


In accordance with Health and Safety Code sections 1569.68 and 1569.681, licensees shall reveal each facility license number where?

public advertisements




Can a licensee, offer or employee of a licensee make or disseminate false or misleading statements regarding the facility or any services provided by the facility?



What should the licensee plan of operation include if the licensee intends to admit and/or specialize in care for one or more residents who have a documented history of behaviors that may result in harm to self or others?

A description of precautions that will be taken to protect that resident and all other residents.


Each licensee who is entrusted to safeguard resident cash resources, shall file or have on file with the licensing agency a copy of a bond issued by a surety company to the state of California as principal. The amount of the bond shall be:

Amount entrusted: $750 or less

A Bond in the amount of $1000


Is a licensee required to handle residents' cash resources?



Who shall complete the initial personal property inventory?

The licensee AND the resident or the resident's representative.


One staff member, designated by the administrator, shall have primary responsibility for the organization, conduct and evaluation of planned activities in a facility licensed for how many residents?

16 to 49 persons


One staff member shall have full-time responsibility to organize, conduct and evaluate planned activities, and shall be given such staff assistance as necessary in order for all residents to participatein accordance with their interests and abilities in what size facility?

Fifty or more persons


The facility shall heat rooms that residents occupy to a minimum of what?

68 degrees F


The facility shall cool rooms to a comfortable range. What are the ranges?

78 degrees F and 85 degrees F, or in areas of extreme heat to 30 degrees F less than the outside temperature.


As a condition of licensure, all community care facilities where water for human consumption is from a private source shall:

Provide evidence of an on-site inspection of the source of the water and a bacteriological analysis by a local or state health department


Following licensure, how often does a facility need to provide a bacteriological analysis of the private water supply to ensure the safety of the residents?

for under 6 residents, analysis is required upon evidence of need


How hot shall the water used by residents for personal care be?

Not less than 105 degrees F and not more than 120 degrees F.


All facilities licensed for 16 or more and all residential facilities having separate floors or buildings shall have a signal system which shall:

1. operate from each resident's living unit

2. Transmit a visual and/or auditory signal to a central staffed location or produce an auditory signal at the living unit loud enough to summon staff

3. identify the specific resident living unit.


Can a resident's bedroom be used as a passageway to another room, bath or toilet?



How much space shall each resident be provided for clothing and personal belongings?

A minimum of 8 cubic feet of drawer space per resident.


How large must the facility be to require separate administrative offices?

Sixteen persons or more


Facilities with a capacity of sixteen or more shall be listed where?

In the telephone directory under the name of the facility.


The Department shall conduct a criminal record review of the following persons:

1. Adults responsible for the administration or direct supervision of staff

2. Any person, other than a client, residing in the facility.

3. Any person who provides client assistance.

4. Any staff person, volunteer or employee who has contact with the clients.

5. The CEO of a firm, partnership, association or corporation applying as applicant

6. Any individual who has the capability to exercise substantial influence of the operation of the facility


Can the Department approve or deny a facility licenese or employment, residence or presence in a facility, based on a criminal record review?



Do all facilities regardless of size need a certified administrator?



What are the qualifications for a certified administrator?

1. Have a high school Diploma

2. Be at least 21 years of age


For facilities of 16 to 49 residents, the administrator must have these additional qualifications:

15 college or continuing education credits and

one year's experience providing residential care to the elderly, or equivalent education and experience as approved by the department


Prior to being employed as an administrator, what does the individual need to have?

a certificate holder or have submitted to the department the documentation required to obtain a certificate.


How many hours of classroom training must an administrator complete?

40 hours during each 2 year certification period


Does the administrator need to take continuing education to recertify?

Yes. The education hours must be related to the Core of Knowledge and be completed through any combination of the following:

1. courses provided by vendors approved by the department or

2. accredited educational institutions offering courses that are consistent with the requirements of this section.


What shall an administrator submit in order to recertify prior to his/her expiration date of the certification?

1. A written request to recertify post marked on or before the expiration date

2. Evidence of completion of 40 hours continuing education

3. Payment of $100 processing fee


What will happen if the certificate is not renewed within four years of expiration date?

It will not be renewed, restored, reissued or reinstated.


How old must a person be to supervise or provide care for a resident?

18 years of age


How many hours of initial training must RCFE staff receive in order to provide care for a resident?

10 hours of initial training within the first four weeks of employment and at least four hours annually thereafter.


In facilities licensed for 16 or more, does training need to take place on the job?

Yes. The requirements of 87565(d) shall be met with planned on the job training program that utilizes orientation, skill training and continuing education.

Do employees of an RCFE have to be in good health to work in the facility?

yes. They must have a health screening, chest x-ray or intradermal test not more than 6 months prior to or seven days after employment.


Does a licensee need to maintain personnel records for the administrator and employees?

yes, and retained for at least 3 years following termination of employment.


How many years must a licensee keep personnel records?

3 years.


A dated weekly employee time schedule must be displayed including employee's name, job title, hours of work and days off, for how large a facility?

16 persons or more


Can you have a resident at your facility who i s receiving medical care and treatment outside the facility or by a visiting nurse?



Can a person be admitted to your facility without his/her consent and agreement?



When should updated medical assessments be conducted?

When required by the department


When should the pre-admission appraisal be updated?

As frequently as necessary to note significant changes and to keep the appraisal accurate. The reappraisals shall document changes in the resident's physical, medical, mental and social condition.


What constitutes a significant change in a residents physical, medical, mental or social condition?

1. A physical trauma such as heart attack or stroke.

2. A mental/social trauma such as loss of a loved one or pet.

3. Any illness, injury, trauma or change in the health care needs of the resident...


When should a licensee arrange a meeting with the resident or resident's representative, facility staff, and/or home health agency?

Whenever there is a significant change in the resident's condition, or once every 12 months, whichever comes first.


Can you force a resident to take his or her medication?



Can you hide or camouflage medications in order to get the resident to take his/her medications without knowing it?



What should be contained in a first aid kit for the facility?

1. A current edition of a first aid manual

2. Sterile first aid dressings

3. bandages or roller bandages

3. Scissors

4. Tweezers

5. Thermometers


Are all medications to be considered a safety hazard to others?



Can a family member alter a prescription label?

No one except a pharmacist can alter a prescription label.


A copy of the department's approved brochure entitled "Your Right To Make Decisions About Medical Treatment" must be given to whom?

Each resident or resident's representative upon admission.


Does a licensee need to keep records for each resident? Where should they be kept?

Yes, kept in a central administrative location readily available to facility staff and to licensing agency staff.


Can a licensee or employee of a facility reveal any information in a resident's record?

Not without written consent of the resident or resident's representative.


What shall be included in a register of residents?

1. The resident's name and ambulatory status

2. Information on the resident's attending physician

3. Information on the resident's responsible person


Can powdered milk be used as a beverage?

no. Nor shall raw milk be used in a facility.


One person shall be designated with primary responsibility for food planning, preparation and service in what size facility?

16-49 residents


In facilities of 50 or more and providing 3 meals per day, what type of employee is needed for food service?

a full time employee qualified by formal training or experience shall be responsible for the operations of food service.


How cold should a freezer be?

0 degrees F


How cold should a refrigerator be?

40 degrees F


Mechanical dishwashers shall maintain hot water to what minimum?

170 degrees F

If a food service requirement is believed to be inadequate, what must the facility provide to the licensing agency?

written information as to the foods purchased and used over a given period.


When a resident is admitted with an allowable health condition, what documentation from the physician is needed?

1. stability of the medical condition

2. Resident's ability to perform the procedure


What conditions are NOT allowed in a residential care facility?

1. Stage 3 or 4 pressure sores

2. gastronostomy care

3. naso-gastric tubes

4. staph infection or other serious infection

5. inability to perform any activity of daily living (complete dependence)

6. tracheotomies


Can a resident with oxygen be admitted?

yes, provided the use meets certain requirements.


Can a staff member withhold fluids to control incontinence?

no, nor can a catheter be used for the convenience of the staff.


In a facility with fewer than 16 residents, how many and what kind of staffing is needed at night?

One awake person at night


Are there additional training requirements for dementia residents?

Yes, six additional ours of resident care orientation within the first 4 weeks of employment and 8 hours of in service training per year on the subject of serving residents with dementia.