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Injuries cost how much to treat annually?
100 billion
The nations healthcare goals are stated in a document titled what?
Healthy People 2010
(I can't understand what he is saying) lifestyle not using seatbelts, smoking, alcohol, and diet play a direct role in what percentage of the leading cause of deaths?
Chronic diseases consume what percent of healthcare resources?
Aproximately 33% of the average American's lifetime health spending occurs when?
The last year of life
The latest medical technology will add what percent per day to the patient's hospital bill?
What percent of the gross domestic product of the US is spent on healthcare?
The US spends more than what amount on healthcare annually?
1 trillion dollars (1 with 12 zeros behind it)
By the year 2025 half of all older Americans will be over what age?
75 years old
How many older adults are permanant residents of healthcare institutions?
over 3 million
The organization that requires proof of continuing education is the?
The evaluation of continuing education was first guided in 1978 by the what?
Mandatory continuing education benefits Rad Techs by doing what?
Improving our ability to provide quality patient care
Registry review sessions may be acceptable for CE credits provided that what?
Registry reviews are never accepted for CE credits
CE credits are given for courses provided that what?
They have been approved by the RCEM
Newly registered techs are given ____ years to accumulate credits.
Registered technologists must show evidence of continuing education how often?
Mandatory education was instituted for all of the following reasons except?
Reinforce cultural and ethcal status
Continuing education became mandatory for all RT registrants in what year?
Careers in radiation health physics require what?
post graduate education
Post graduate education is required for all of the following careers accept what?
The radiation safety officer health physicist is ceritifed by whom?
The Board of Health Physicist
A career as a Program Director in Rad Tech education requires all of the following accept what?
Civic and community activities
Educators in Radiologic Technology must have expertise in what?
all of the above
The first formal x-ray tech training in the US was developed by who?
Eddie C. German
The first war time x-ray techs were trained in Europe during WWI by who?
Marie Curie
The ideal radiology administrator will have expertise in what?
radiologic technique and management
The advantage of taking off campus university courses is what?
The student can continue to work
Promotions in radiologic technology are usually based on what?
all of the above
The examination of breast tissue is a specialty because why?
all of the above
The initials RTRCV refer to what?
Cardiovascular Special Procedures
What specialty is contrast medium most often used in besides radiography?
CT or special procedures
A specialty using sound waves in the diagnosis of disease is what?
What is the credintialling agency for ultrasound?
The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
MRI is a specialty used for the study of what?
spinal cord
Which modality would be most likely involved in the imaging of pregnant women?
Which specialty would most likely be involved in the treatment of diseases?
radiation therapy
Ultrasound is most likely used for what?
Soft tissue imaging
One advantage of MRI imaging over CT is what?
no radiation
Nuclear medicine is useful in what?
treatment and diagnosis of disease